Google Launched The Privacy Sandbox To Chrome Users Globally

Google Launched The Privacy Sandbox To Chrome Users Globally

Some positive news from Google: the company is making the Privacy Sandbox extension accessible to the vast majority of Chrome users. The goal here is to protect your online privacy without limiting your access to the information you need.

In 2019, they began developing Privacy Sandbox with the goal of making the internet a safer place for everyone. They’ve collaborated with several parties, including websites, app developers, and users like you, to improve the state of online privacy protection.

One neat feature is that you can now choose which advertisements you want to view. Chrome’s Settings > Privacy and security > Ad privacy settings allows you to choose which kind of advertising you want to see and even how they measure your activity.

Google plans to phase out “third-party cookies” entirely by 2024. These are like to little stalkers that follow your every click as you navigate the web. Companies may now begin utilizing the Privacy Sandbox products with confidence that they will function as intended throughout the transition.

The removal of these third-party cookies will be made experimental beginning in late 2023. To test how effectively the Privacy Sandbox features are functioning, Google plans to disable them in early 2024 for a subset of Chrome users.

Google wants everyone to have access to these tools, so they’re testing them out with a select few at first. So, Chrome users should be on the lookout for these alterations over the next months. They want to improve and secure your online experience.

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