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HASHWallet – The Most Secure Hardware Wallet


Nowadays, we all are dependent on the internet in our daily life. We are operating all our devices and managing our accounts on smartphones, but it is not safe as these are connected over the network. Even the Cryptocurrency, which is an internet-based medium of exchange to conduct financial transactions using private or public keys, is not safe on the internet and smartphones. Cybercrimes are also increasing, and cybersecurity is a big challenge in this modern world. So, we all want a substitute or a device to protect our assets.

Introducing the most secure hardware wallet, HASHWallet that protects your crypto-currencies and your identity. It is the first non-programmable hardware wallet with which you will have full control over your crypto-assets and operation. It can be easily operated through HASHWallet Manager. You will always be safe from any cyber attack because of its innovative key generation and recovery system.

How to use this?

HASHWallet comes in a convenient smart card shape, so it is easy to handle. To unlock the card, you have to put your finger on the fingerprint sensor for biometric and then SnapSwitch to turn on the card. You can see your details on a wide e-ink display. You have to again sign in and confirm before any transaction.

With HASHWallet Manager, you will have your portfolio at a glance. You can also manage your cryptocurrencies and their operation for more than one wallet. It has a secure transaction set up.  HASHWallet Manager will run on Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.


  • It features a sizeable electronic ink screen with which you control any operation.
  • An advanced biometric reader helps you to sign in and confirm the
  • It has a fingerprint reader for biometric authentication FPC1321 T-Shape TM.
  • It offers a SnapSwitch and an Automatic power-off feature.
  • It comes with a new recovery process based on two secure elements-the Recovery Key and the Recovery Seed.
  • It supports all the major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar, Ripple, and any ERC-20 
  • The card is waterproof IP-67 and offers Wireless charging.

Why one should buy this?

This external hardware wallet has a secured cryptoprocessor that saves it from any external attack. It gives you the highest security level to safeguard your crypto assets. It is easily manageable through its app. It is easy to carry anywhere, just like your credit or debit card. In case you lost your HASHWallet, you don’t have to worry as your cryptos are safe. Overall it’s a better investment to safe your hard-earned crypto-assets.


You can buy this secured hardware wallet, HASHWallet at 200 Euro from Indiegogo site.

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Disclaimer: We have not tested this gadget personally, please research about the company and its policies before buying this product.

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