Hiring Payroll Teams VS Outsourcing: Latest Employment Trends

Hiring Payroll Teams VS Outsourcing Top Problems That Businesses Face Online

The tax wedge compared to the actual labour costs for single workers ranges from 0% in Colombia and 51% in Belgium, both OECD countries.

These taxes are not always fixed, and changes are made by countries as the need arises. The OECD releases annual figures showing the tax wedge which measures the average tax wedge of the member countries. When working out the average tax wedge, the OECD measures the labour costs taken in tax and social contributions minus the net of employer cash contributions.

Figures from the OECD from April 2021 showed that at 34.6% on average, countries experienced the largest decrease in the average annual tax wedge since the 2008-2009 global crisis. Of the 37 OECD countries, employment taxes vary considerably. For the average single worker, taxes increased in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, and Turkey.

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The only country where the tax wedge remained unchanged is Colombia while decreasing in the other 29 countries. The average tax wedge in the U.S. for 2020 was 28.4%, placing it just above South Korea’s 23.3% and just below Australia’s 28.4%, way below the average.

Most of the decreases came from income taxes reductions, but in Finland, Greece, the Netherlands, and Hungary these were due to lower social security contributions. The tax wedge tends to drop in one-earner couples or two-earner couples with children.

Hiring Payroll Teams VS Outsourcing

Labour taxes across these countries comprise income taxes, social security and other contributions made by the employer on behalf of the employees, and include the social security contributions and payroll taxes made by their employers.

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Remaining compliant is vital for businesses globally, and there are several ways they can ensure that payroll management is done correctly, namely, hiring payroll teams or outsourcing. Outsourcing is proving the most resourceful for several reasons.

Compliance with Payroll and Other Taxes

In-office or out-of-office payroll departments are a good way to ensure a business manages payroll and its various taxes correctly, but these can sometimes make errors. Outsourcing payroll through payroll software is far more effective and efficient, and that is why businesses around the world are opting for these.

One of the main benefits is ensuring compliance with payroll legislation since these systems can handle all legislation, while also keeping ahead of the rules. Most countries slap hefty penalties for non-compliance, making any missteps unaffordable for businesses.

Getting Everything Done with One Tool

Payroll software allows businesses to save both time and money. Payroll is a time-consuming task when completed manually. Pricing of these tools ensures they remain competitive and many of them have scalability for growing enterprises.

Most software allows the integration of other tools (HR or accounting are some), making them invaluable in the day-to-day running of a business. Some are easier to use than others, but most have responsive customer support.

Scalability and Growth

Payroll software becomes even more affordable as the number of employees grows within a company. There are hidden costs entailed with in-office payroll teams because growth usually requires extra hands to ensure payroll services are completed correctly.

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These payment providers have the expertise required to accurately work out all payroll services, including calculating overtime, 401K accounts, taxes, social security, unemployment, and employee benefits like overtime pay.

The smaller amount of time an employer spends on meeting payrolls, the more they can concentrate on growing their business, whether this is developing new products or increasing sales.

Employees also benefit from payroll software because many of these allow them to track their employment hours, benefits, and contributions. Some systems allow management on mobile apps, useful for both employers and employees.

Final Thoughts

Globally, businesses are relying more than ever before on software to meet the demands of payroll compliance. Employee and employer taxes continue to change according to the economy, but choosing a reliable payroll software provider can make it easier for them to ensure they keep up with these.

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