Hitachi Vantara Unveiled Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform One, A Hybrid Cloud Data Storage Solution

Hitachi Vantara Unveiled Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform One, A Hybrid Cloud Data Storage Solution
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Hitachi Vantara, Hitachi, Ltd.’s (TSE: 6501) modern infrastructure, data management, and digital solutions subsidiary, today announced the transformation of its existing data storage portfolio with the introduction of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform One, a single hybrid cloud data platform designed to meet the needs of IT leaders who are trying to scale data and modernize applications across complex, distributed hybrid and multicloud infrastructure. Businesses may operate a wide variety of applications on-premises and in the public cloud with little to no complexity if they can share a common data plane for their structured and unstructured data in block, file, and object storage.

Hitachi’s Virtual Storage Platform One’s release is strategically timed to coincide with the seismic upheavals in operations and innovation brought about by generative AI, the cloud, and the exponential expansion of business data. Six in ten business leaders are already overwhelmed by the amount of data they store, and 75% are worried their current infrastructure will not be able to scale for the future, according to a recent report that highlighted how data-intensive technologies and applications are exacerbating the already strained infrastructure and hybrid cloud environments on which they run. Eighty percent of data center administrators and operators had suffered an outage in the last three years, citing a poll conducted by the Uptime Institute on data resilience.

By providing a single control plane, data fabric, and data plane across block, file, object, cloud, mainframe, and software-defined storage workloads, Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform One simplifies the management of mission-critical workloads at scale. This data platform will address all environments and is managed by a single AI-enabled software stack. Virtual Storage Platform One provides a trustworthy data foundation enabling organizations to consume the data they need, when and when they need it, by breaking down barriers between infrastructure, data, and applications.

With the release of Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform One from Hitachi Vantara, we have reached a major milestone in our infrastructure development. Dan McConnell, senior vice president, product management for storage and data infrastructure at Hitachi Vantara, said that the company’s goal is to provide organizations “the reliability and flexibility to manage their data across various storage environments without compromise” by means of a uniform data platform. Having dependability, security, and sustainability at the forefront of Virtual Storage Platform One’s design, development, and construction has increased its effect for our clients.

“Our partnership with Hitachi Vantara has been instrumental in allowing us to help organizations optimize their cloud journeys and avoid costly pitfalls that hinder digital transformation success,” said Mauro Guzelotto, vice president of cloud services for T-Systems North America. When it comes to scalable, reliable, and simple storage for a wide variety of applications and data kinds, Hitachi Vantara’s Virtual Storage Platform One is where sustainable infrastructure is headed.

Organizations may better manage workloads and data resources using Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform One.

  • Fast, on-demand access to sophisticated cloud-based data services like replication, without the need to wait for administrative intervention.
  • Storage pools may be optimized with the help of intelligent workload management, which handles the allocation and rebalancing of workloads automatically as circumstances change.
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies like synchronous active storage clusters and replication to guarantee worldwide accessibility and high fault tolerance without sacrificing speed.

“By consolidating their entire storage portfolio into a single, cohesive platform, Hitachi Vantara has achieved a transformative milestone, streamlining operations and fostering significant data accessibility for organizations grappling with the complexities of data management,” said Ashish Nadkarni, Group Vice President and General Manager, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms, and Technologies at IDC. As the release notes state, “the significance of this rollout lies in the platform’s ability to offer a unified data plane, seamlessly spanning across block, file, object, mainframe, cloud, and SDS workloads.”

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