Homemade DIY Power Bank


These days everyone need a power bank, everyone is having one or other kind of power bank which they have bought. But what if i would say you can make your own powerbank at home in just 2$ by using your old laptop batteries. Yes, this is true, we all have laptops and their batteries get faulty after few years, but those batteries never get dead and can be used to power up our small devices.

So, keeping it in mind you can create your own powerbank just using a small circuit which is already available on internet for only 2$.

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There are other types of circuits which are also available but it won’t be having so many feature which this one is having. This Circuit will give you in so many built in options:


  • LED Light
  • Charging percentage on Screen
  • Charging speed indicator on screen
  • Two USB Ports: one for 1A charging and other for 2.1A charging speed
  • Button to control the charging.

DIY-POwerbank-raw Board

So, to start i just opened up my old laptop battery which was lying around in our home from past few years, i got 6 cells out of which only 4 were working perfectly. You can measure it using a power meter, if it is getting you the power of 3.8volts or 3.7 volts or even higher means it is working pretty fine.


After that i used some old Pins to connect all the batteries in serial orders which is normal and can be done by anyone. You can use normal wire also to connect them all, they will work in the same way to pass on the current to the board.

After that you need to solder the board with positive point and negative point, which is already mentioned on the board as you can see in the image. Now, you are ready to go, try to connect the wire and start charging the phone. It will work perfectly. You can test different charging speed as per the compatibility of your phone. You can even use it with any USB LED light or any other device, it will work like a normal power bank.


Now, the main thing which arises is to make a case for it, you can use any plastic box container to fit all the stuff tight in it so that when you insert the USB in the board it wont loose up and wire get perfectly fit in it. In my case i have used a old cardboard box and used only Double sided tape to stick all the stuff inside it. I also used small cardboard scrap waste to tight up the board in the place. Once everything is done, i make different hole for LED, screen and USB ports. I was not so successful to get clean cuts for USB but you can take your time doing it.

Once everything is done, close the box using the same cardboard and install vinyl skin on it, to add extra and professional looks to it. I also used a small plastic stick and a plastic piece to use it as a button by plastic the plastic stick on the button so that after the casing the button can be used normally.

According to me it looks decent, and what all we can expect from a 2$ 10000mAh home made power bank.

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