How To Gain Real Estate Leads As A New Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Leads
Real Estate Leads

You have completed your training course for becoming a real estate agent, and you have got your license. Now what? You know what you have to do, but where exactly do you start? All the real estate advice starts by asking you to generate real estate leads as a new real estate agent. Well, that is easier said than done.

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How exactly are you supposed to do that when you are starting out your real estate career? When you barely know people in the real estate industry, how are you supposed to get new leads if you are still an outsider to the real estate community?

If these and a few other queries worried you, then you can stop being anxious. In this article, we are going to introduce to you some practical and sure-shot ways to generate new leads. A collection of signposts pointing towards the race starting line.

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Lead Generation Suggestion For New Real Estate Agents

Tap Into Your Social Circle

Yes, it is necessary to reach out to your family and friends first. As you are yet to develop and build your professional circle, your first avenue of generating new leads is through your social circle. Inform them that now you are a licensed agent. Inquire whether anyone among their acquaintances is looking to sell or buy a home. Pass out your contact information and request them to forward it to their social circles too.

This is a sure-shot way to get leads, as you are coming through the reference of someone the seller or the buyer already knows well, due to this they would be more than inclined to give you an opportunity.

Develop Your Professional Circle

Once you have started getting new leads through your social circle, you should then focus on building your professional circle. Remember, as an agent you are closely connected to all the people who have a role in the real estate industry. So, you must introduce yourself and start cultivating relationships with them.

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The bulk of your new leads are going to come through these individuals. These are people engaged in the real estate business so they know a lot of sellers.

It is crucial to network on an ongoing basis. Always build genuine mutually beneficial relationships. This is an assured way to get new leads from within the real estate community.

Register On A Real Estate Lead Generation Platform

One of the most effective ways for a new real estate agent to have a steady pipeline of quality real buyer and seller leads is to create and maintain a profile on the leading real estate lead generation platform. For instance, registering on Dorrmat, one of the trusted and popular lead generation platforms, is that it provides you with multiple benefits. Not only are you getting new leads of sellers and buyers but you also get a host of additional benefits such as a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM), a profile page to highlight your qualifications and achievements, and access to all the genuine sellers in your neighbourhood.

If you’re a real estate agent affiliated with eXp Realty, simply sign in to your eXp Realty account get valuable insights and data that help you make informed decisions.

Real Estate Leads
Real Estate Leads

Participate In Chamber Of Commerce Events

Attending these business-oriented meetings and seminars is highly important for building your new business as an agent. You get to meet and interact with real estate industry professionals and heads of local businesses. The free learning opportunity is enhanced by the chance to exchange business cards and build personal connections. Once you are a regular you will even start getting referrals and suggestions about potential clients. The time and effort you invest in this are certainly going to help you generate new leads.

Utilize Social Media

You may have already heard about running ads on Google, but what about the host of other websites and social media platforms? You could have your own real estate advice blog, you could start a page on Facebook. Apps and sites like Instagram, Linked In, and Quora too can be beneficial for generating new opportunities.

The online community has a host of people who are buyers and sellers, plus with the right use of hashtags and cross-linking all your professional agent accounts you would soon be getting referrals through these platforms too.

Arrange And Host An Open House

Even in these technology-driven times, buying a house is still an in-person activity. Even the millennials, the ones whose lives are entirely online, prefer to walk through a house before deciding to purchase it.

An open house is not only for selling but also a vehicle for your marketing. Hand out your business cards to all those who visit the event, and try and build a personal connection with them by chatting with them for a few minutes.

You can obtain the phone number of potential buyers and future clients. You may even get referrals through these people about other potential clients. Open houses are a great opportunity for some in-person marketing of your services as an agent.

Try Out Cold Calling

Although it is one of the oldest methods of new leads generation, it is still worth your while to give cold calling a shot to generate leads. Especially when as a new real estate agent, your entire working day may not be occupied. So why pick up the phone and start calling people. Yes, this includes both new and those whose phone number you got at the open house.

Do make sure to have a short and crisp script ready. Remember the time and attention given to you would be very brief in cold calling scenarios, so make sure you have an effective pitch ready. The first cold call is just an exploratory and introductory call to find potential clients. Your goal is to try and secure a meeting with these potential buyers or sellers.

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Many agents find calling expired listings and past clients to have a positive outcome once they master their scripts, rebuttals, and of course value-adding.


This article is meant to serve as a guidance tool for all those of you who are new agents and also for those who are currently preparing to enter the real estate business. The key to success when it comes to lead generation is to constantly keep working on acquiring new real estate leads.

Evaluate your approach and try to identify what methods help you in terms of both real estate marketing and enhancing your real estate business. The key is to generate leads that convert a profit.

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