How to Install Google Pixel Camera for Your Smartphone! [NO ROOT]

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There is no doubt that Google Pixel has an exemplary camera, they have single handily belittled some of the top-notch smartphone cameras including Apple’s flagship iPhone. What makes the Google’s one lens camera an exceptional camera is the camera API that Google uses or its Pixel devices. Their camera algorithm including with AI rendering captures some of the most beautiful pictures. And Their camera feature doesn’t just end there, they have got the famous Night Sight, Portrait mode, Panorama, Slow Motion, Photo Sphere, Photobooth and the Augmented Reality Playground 2.0. I bet your stock camera app doesn’t have that many features. So, how to get these features in your smartphone? Lets’ see.

What you Need- Right Google Camera App!

Okay, Since Android is an open source platform it has a lot of perks and one of them would be PORT. You can get Google Camera app work for your smartphone if you tweak with its software a little bit. However, there are so many devices and getting the right Google Camera Port apk is tough, you might get the .apk file easily if your smartphone is exempli gratia OnePlus, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, MI etc.

The Ported apk is Not Working? Here are Steps

If the ported app is not working or unable to install in your smartphone, you might need to check if your smartphone has access to Camera 2API by checking it on Camera 2 API probe App. Basically, the Camera 2API is a setting embedded in your device build file and Google Camera uses this API to click the picture. The API is enabled by default in some smartphone but it looks like you have to manually enable it.

So, to manually enable the Camera 2API you have to root your device. We don’t recommend rooting your Smartphone, it’s totally your call, so please try at your own risk. Although, if you have managed to root your smartphone all you need to do is install the BuildProp Editor APP.

Open it and Grant root access, once done, add the below line to your build.propr file:

Save the setting and reboot the device. The Camera 2 API should now be enabled on your device.

Installing AR stickers or Playground 2.0

Installing AR stickers or Playground 2.0

Okay, this part is a little tricky. The augmented reality features will only work if your smartphone supports the ARCore app. The ARCore is a Google’s platform for building augmented reality experience it has API for Motion tracking, Environmental understanding, Light estimation etc. that gives users a good experience with AR applications.

Click here to check if your device supports ARCore app.

You can also simply install the ARCore app on Google’s PlayStore.

Once you have installed the ARCore app all you need to do is install the AR-Stickers or Playground 2.0 apk file. Now, they both are a separate application. The AR-Stickers were introduced in Pixel 2 smartphones and Playground 2.0 was introduced in lieu of AR-stickers in Pixel 3 smartphones. Playground 2.0 is a vast version of the AR-sticker but they only work in a smartphone with Android 9.x+ OS and Google Camera 6.x+ app, so if your smartphone satisfies both the requirement then click here to download the Playground 2.0 app. And thank us later…

For ARSticker to work you only need a Smartphone with Android 8.x+ OS and Google Camera 5.x+ app. So, click here to download ARSticker apk file.

My Opinion

Thankfully, we have not encountered any issue with these methods. The Google Camera app is working fine in my smartphone, even the Night Sight feature of the Pixel camera is working great. Don’t be disheartened if you can’t find the right Google Camera apk file for your smartphone, try searching more on XDA developer, the Senior developer ARnovaG2 is a specialist in Moded Google Camera apk.

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