Is Windows 11 Finally Fixing Its Annoying Notification Problem?

Windows 11 Finally Fixing Its Annoying Notification Problem

Despite a shaky launch and customer preference for Windows 10, Windows 11 is rapidly growing into a stable OS, and usage is rising. Windows 11’s constant stream of push notifications has been widely criticised, and now, preview releases of Microsoft’s flagship OS have shown that the tech giant aims to reduce this function.

Even though these alerts aren’t a major problem, anyone who has upgraded to Windows 11 knows how annoying they can be. You can get desktop alerts from almost every preinstalled Windows software, such as Edge attempting to force-feed you Bing headlines or the Weather app alerting you about impending rain.

Sure, Windows 11’s Focus Assist may help you minimise distractions, but it may also prevent you from receiving important messages. Windows 11’s newest preview release has a new smart opt-out’ feature that prompts you to deactivate app notifications only if you haven’t used the app in a while if it continues to ping you.

Windows 11: Sensation of Notification

I think it’s high time: Windows 11 is great, but the constant stream of pop-ups from programmes I never use is annoying. It’s annoying to see spam email popups on my desktop every time I set up a new laptop for review since I only have an Outlook account for activating copies of Windows and registering up for items.

I’m also happy to see that Microsoft isn’t trying to shoehorn even more artificial intelligence into Windows as a result of this. I was already unimpressed by Microsoft’s decision to place AI on my taskbar in light of my indifference to Bing AI. Seeing the new “smart opt-out,” my first thought was that my notifications were being handed over to a deep-learning programme.

No, thank goodness. The latest Windows 11 preview will suggest you deactivate app notifications if you haven’t interacted with them in a month or more (beyond ignoring them). That’s all there is to it; none of your frequently-used applications should be impacted.

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