Leaked iPhone 15 Pro Renderings Revealed – No Solid-State Buttons and New Features to Expect!

iPhone 15

The forthcoming iPhone 15 Pro’s design has been leaked in new renderings. The renderings suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro will not include new solid-state buttons.

This year’s Pro models may not have these controls, though, because of “unresolvable issues.” The solid-state buttons included on the iPhone 16 Pro might be utilised instead.

Leaked iPhone 15 Pro Push-Button Interfaces

The volume and mute controls on the iPhone 15 Pro have been the subject of much debate. The next smartphone’s side frame has been revealed in a MacRumors post in conjunction with tipster Unknownz21. The volume controls for the render are consolidated into a single button.

The story was modified to reflect the likelihood that the iPhone 15 Pro would maintain a two-button interface. Meanwhile, the mute switch will be replaced with a mute button that can be programmed to do various functions, much like the Action button on the Apple Watch Ultra.

Leaked iPhone 15 Pro – All we Know Till Now

All four of the rumoured iPhone 15 variants will reportedly have a USB Type-C connector and a Dynamic Island, confirming earlier speculation. The Pro versions, however, will have a titanium chassis and thinner bezels.

The backs of the iPhone 15 Pro variants are said to include not one but three cameras, each with its own LED flash. They’ll also have a lens that sticks out from the larger camera bump. The base versions, however, will have a dual-camera setup with an LED flash.

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