LeEco Le Max2 vs Oneplus 3 – Which one should you Buy?


LeEco Le Max2 vs Oneplus 3 is the thought on every smartphone enthusiast’s mind these days. So, here are my initial impressions regarding the LeEco Le Max2 and Oneplus 3.

Recently, LeEco launched its new line of smartphones – the Le 2 and Le Max2. Both smartphones will be available on Flipkart as well as LeEco’s online store – LeMall with attractive offers! The company opened registrations for Le 2 and Le Max2 on June 20th, on both Flipkart and LeMall.

On the other hand, OnePlus has been an old trendsetter in India for the past few years and has consistently released promising smartphones at rock-bottom prices. For the first time in its history, Oneplus decided to go the “open sale” route which means consumers do not need any ‘invite’ to purchase the Oneplus 3 that is available exclusively on Amazon.


LeEco’s and Oneplus’ respective flagships, the Le Max2 and the OnePlus 3, usher in the era of 6GB RAM on smartphones. Setting aside the debate of “do we need it”, let’s take a quick look at what’s inside these beasts.

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To start off, both the Le Max2 and the OnePlus 3 boast of top-end specifications in almost every department – 6GB RAM, 64GB Internal Memory, at least a 3000 mAh Battery, support for the latest Wi-Fi standards and almost all network frequencies! As a result, both are snappy, fast and powerhouses when it comes to performance – playing high-end games on either of these phones is a breeze! So, what sets them apart? A few things…



The OnePlus 3 has a vivid 5.5-inch Optic AMOLED display with Full HD resolution. Colors are bright and it’s a good display. However, the Le Max2 boasts of a 5.7-inch IPS display with 2K resolution, which offers natural colors with proper saturation and you will love watching movies and playing games on this one. When you place these smartphones next to each other, the difference in display resolution is obvious! While a higher resolution display usually means less battery life, LeEco has done a good job in tweaking power consumption and the extra 100 mAh battery on the Le Max2 helps a bit.


LeEco Le Max2 vs Oneplus 3

Oneplus tried something new this time – an all-metal build! They’ve done a good job with this and the smartphone is light and feels solid. On the other hand, LeEco has prior experience in creating premium all-metal smartphones! They’ve been doing this since their first smartphone – the Le 1, and their design has just gotten better and better with new innovation and improvements in every interation. In this case, both smartphones have good design and solid build quality.



In this department, the LeEco Le Max2 has a higher MegaPixel count but that’s not the end of the story. Oneplus 3 also has a good camera and captures decent images/videos. When compared, I found that the Le Max2 offers more natural colors.
The Oneplus 3 is uses aggressive post-processing so that images and videos look crisper and give you the kind of unnatural color tones like we used to see in Samsung devices. With the Le Max2, images and videos captured look natural and can be edited as needed but the output from the Oneplus 3 is so over-processed that it becomes very difficult to edit it afterwards to bring out natural tones. I’m working on a detailed Camera comparision video, so keep an eye on my Youtube Channel.



The OnePlus 3 has the usual 3.5 mm audio port but LeEco is trying something new with its Continual Digital Lossless Audio (CDLA) standard delivered through the USB Type-C port!

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Listening to music on the Le Max2 with the CDLA earphones was, literally, “music to our ears”! The bass, the trebles, the mids and the highs – it leaves nothing out, and I felt that I was listening to the song as the composer meant it to be heard!. Once you start listening songs using CDLA earphones you will just forget about 3.5 mm jack. It is the future of sound!



A future where most media consumption happens online is here and there are so many companies providing content by partnering with different providers – Xiaomi gave away a few months of Hungama Music along with their smartphones, and now OnePlus is giving their users a 1 year subscription to Saavn Pro for all their music listening needs. On the other hand, LeEco is giving a 1 year LeEco Membership with the Le Max2 – this includes on-demand movies, live TV and music!

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Specs Comparison

Specs Comparison


The OnePlus 3 comes in a single variant, 6GB RAM and 64GB Internal Storage, with a price tag of Rs. 28K. However, the LeEco Le Max2 comes in two variants – the 4GB RAM and 32GB Internal Storage variant will cost you Rs. 23K while the 6GB RAM and 64GB Internal Storage variant will be a little more expensive at Rs. 30K.


In my opinion, both devices are decent and, as this are my initial impressions, I won’t comment more until I finish testing both device exhaustively. Both devices have their own pros, and some cons, such as…

Advantages of LeMax 2 :

  • Better Camera
  • Future of Audio (CDLA)
  • Best Offers (Free Content + Free CDLA Earphones for First Sale)
  • Better Screen (2K)
  • Free LeEco Membership (Free Live TV,Music,Cloud Storage)

Advantages of Oneplus 3 :

  • Weighs a little less, when compared to the Le Max2
  • Costs a little less than the 6GB variant of the Le Max2
  • Traditional 3.5mm Jack
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