LeEco starts to Make in India with its first local manufacturing

LeEco starts to Make in India

LeEco aligns with Make in India with its first local manufacturing. LeEco, the Smartphone manufacturer, is all set to create their make in India products very soon. The company has now tied up with the Make In India initiative and under that, the company will soon release a Made in India LeEco smartphone in the nation. Now, within eight months of marketing in India, the company has made a lot of fame and sold a lot of devices. It is impressive to see that kind of progress in just a year. So kudos to LeEco.

LeEco starts to Make in India with its first local manufacturing

Now, the company is all set to make big plans for India. The new LeEco facility has established at an investment of 5 million USD and further 2 million USD, which we believe will increase in future. The facility located in Greater Noida, India. The company has also collaborated with some leading electronic manufacturer Compal Electronics to set up this facility in the country. Sri Ravi Shankar Prasad, the Hon’ble Union Minister for Electronics & information technology and law & justice, was the chief guest of the official launch of plant operation.

LeEco announces crossing 1 Million Superphones Milestone in India in 8 months

The Greater Noida facility is humongous and has a capacity of producing close to 60,000 phone per month initially. LeEco plans to rapidly increase the production to 200,000 smartphones per month by the end of 2016. Which is simply amazing. The facility will now be responsible for delivering a quality product to the users at an affordable price. The company is employing approximately 200 skilled employees at the facility, which will increase in the coming future.

From now, the company has launched five superphones. Which hit the Indian market like a storm. The LeEco membership of content and internet services are great, which shows the success of LeMall and most recently its SuperTV- The Super three series. To celebrate this occasion, LeEco will be offering highly attractive “Le Million Joy” package for Indian users from August 30 to September 1st, available on LeMall.com

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