Logitech MX Keyboard Combo Launched With Smart Actions From The Logi Options+ App

Logitech MX Keyboard Combo Launched

The MX Keys S Combo, MX Keys S, and MX Anywhere 3S are the newest additions to Logitech’s premium Master Series, which are aimed at expert users, including software engineers and creative professionals. These new devices, the MX Keys S Combo, the updated MX Keys S keyboard, and the MX Anywhere 3S mouse, make it easier to enter your “flow state,” the point at which you feel most creative, thanks to Smart Actions, a new feature in Logi Options+.

“MX Users aim to achieve a state of flow where they become fully immersed in their creative process,” said Anatoliy Polyanker, general manager of MX business at Logitech. “Anyone looking for precision, speed, and comfort to achieve optimal performance and a feeling of enjoyment will love our new Master Series products featuring Smart Actions in the Options +.”

Logitech MX Keyboard Smart Actions

With the Logi Options+ App’s Smart Actions, you can automate several operations with a single keyboard to optimize your workflow using macros and save time. In order to help you get more done faster, we’ve provided a set of predefined, fully customisable Smart Actions.

Logitech MX Keyboard Combo MX Keys S

The revolutionary MX Keys S keyboard, the trusted MX Master 3S mouse, and the accommodating MX Palm Rest make up the MX Keys S Combo. Together, they provide for more efficient and accurate work, making them a good fit for highly creative, productive workers.

In addition to its silent clicks, rapid scrolling, and 8K DPI sensor that works on any surface, even glass, the mouse is matched with a smartly backlit keyboard with fully programmable buttons.

Logitech MX Keyboard MX Keys S

Logitech’s MX Keys S Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard offers a premium low-profile typing experience with keys contoured to your fingers for quick, fluid, and Perfect Stroke typing.

The keyboard’s backlighting has smart illumination, so it senses when hands are near to illuminate the keys and adapts to the current lighting in the room based on preferences set in the Logi Options+ app. The MX Keys S, in colours including Graphite and Pale Gray, has a redesigned layout that includes shortcuts for voice-to-text, microphone mute/unmute, and emoji for enhanced productivity and teamwork.

MX Anywhere 3S

Logitech’s most sophisticated wireless compact mouse is perfect for power users who want performance, mobility, and comfort everywhere, thanks to MagSpeed electromagnetic scrolling’s speed, accuracy, and quiet. Make use of a new feature called Quiet Click, which makes clicking much less audible than it was in MX Anywhere 3. You can take your MX Anywhere 3S with you from one workspace to another in your home or workplace because of its 8,000 DPI optical sensor, which works on practically any surface, even glass.

Approach to Sustainability

By actively trying to decrease our carbon footprint, Logitech is contributing to a more egalitarian and climate-positive world. The new MX goods are aesthetically pleasing, making them an easy decision to endorse. At least 11% of the plastic in the MX Keys S, 22% of the plastic in the MX Master 3S (included in the MX Keys S Combo), and 61% of the plastic in the MX Anywhere 3S is certified post-consumer recycled plastic salvaged from obsolete consumer electronics.

In order to reduce its carbon footprint, the aluminium plate used within the MX Keys S is produced using renewable energy rather than fossil fuels. Packaging paper is sourced from FSCTM-verified forests and other managed forests. Buying this item means you care about the future of forests everywhere and want to see them protected.

Logitech’s production processes are verified to be carbon neutral, and the company prioritizes the usage of renewable energy sources. By investing in renewable energy, forests, and communities hard hit by climate change, Logitech is able to ensure that every product it sells has an absolutely zero carbon footprint.

Logitech MX Keyboard Pricing and Availability

The suggested retail price of the MX Keys S Combo is INR 22,995/-. The MX Keys S comes in graphite and grey and retails for INR 13,295/-; the MX Anywhere 3S will follow at INR 9,225/-. Visit logi.com/optionsplus to get your hands on the free Logi Options+ app.

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