MACE- Women safety product In India


These days in women is not all safe in India due to which Mace Brand, a global leader in safety and security, came up with few of their women safety products in India. They have launched some high-quality safety products like

  • Pepper sprays
  • Stun guns
  • Personal alarms

When there is so much un security around you then it is just to take some security in your hands. So, get that security MACE came up with different products.

Pepper Sprays: These sprays are made using natural ingredients that irritate the eye and give you the permit to escape. The company manufactures several different formulas to the assailant and tear gas for an extra punch. The defense sprays are formulated to make you help in any personal attack.

Stun Guns: The product was firstly exclusively crafted for the Armed forces and the Police. This gun is now easily available for women safety purpose also. Stun guns actually disable the person with the high-voltage electric shock.

Personal Alarms: The Personal alarm is the most simple self-defense system where it emits a loud siren-like sound to disorient or surprise an assailant or attract helpful attention.

Speaking about the brand presence in the India market, Mr. Jai Dhar Gupta, CEO Mace Brand India said, “Every day our news is packed with horror stories. Safety and security are a concern, and frankly, it is paramount for emotional and physical well-being. I was personally a victim of road rage and would never like to be in that position again. With Mace, we are bringing a simple tool that will empower and elevate. Mace is a powerful brand, associated with the highest quality, and a name that is synonymous with safety, security and self-defense the World over. India, we give you Mace Brand products- More Power to You!”

The products are available at a competitive price range starting from Rs. 499 on the leading e-commerce portals like Amazon and Mace supports their products by providing warranty and educational programs for all products and services.’

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