MG Comet EV launched in India With 230km Driving Range & Crazy Pricing

MG Comet EV

Comet, the newest model from MG Motor India, was released on Wednesday for an initial price of Rs 7.98 lakh (ex-showroom), making it the most cost-effective electric car in the nation. After the success of the ZS EV, the business has released a new electric car, the Comet.

The Comet EV is more than just a car; it represents our determination to change the way we commute in our cities, stated Rajeev Chaba, President & Managing Director of MG Motor India.

He also noted that the MG Comet EV is the world’s first pure electric vehicle (EV) to be constructed on the GSEV platform, which has sold over a million units.

“At MG, we know that electrified and connected vehicles are the way of the future. Chaba said, “With the Comet EV, we want to give our customers the tools they need to make an informed decision without sacrificing style or convenience.”

The two-door hatchback has a number of convenient amenities like an automated gearbox, front airbags and a rearview camera. It has a built-in iSmart technology that allows for more than 55 linked vehicle capabilities and more than 100 voice requests.

According to information provided by the business, the MG Comet EV has a charge cost of Rs. 519 every 1,000km.

MG Motor, a subsidiary of SAIC Motor in China, has spent almost Rs. 700 crores developing the Comet, which would be produced at the company’s facility in Halol, Gujarat.

The MG Comet EV has a single-charge range of around 230 km. It has a lithium-ion battery that has a 17.3 kWh capacity and can be recharged in around 7 hours.

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