10 Most Ridiculous Android Apps That you will be Amaze to SEE

Shake Me
We have seen good apps, best camera app, student apps and some awesome games. But there is a dark side over the internet, that has some weird apps too, the kind of app that you don’t want to install at all. So what are these and what are they for?
To answer these question, we went through the abyss and came back, and thankfully I have found some weird app that you don’t want to check out. Let’s see.

  1. I am RICH


Probably the weirdest app of all time. I know every one of us dreams to be rich and if you’re planning on becoming rich by installing this app, then you’re on a right track, my friend. You can buy this app for 400$ and pretend that you’re rich or stupid, whatever suits you best. Not gonna judge you!

PS: The app does nothing; sorry I forgot.

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  1. Mood Scanner

mood scanner app

The second app in the list of the top weirdest app is Mood Scanner. This fun app can detect your mood and every other person’s mood. What the…?

Also, you can really pinpoint what kind of mood you are in. Oh Really! I bet if you ever think of installing this app it will also detect your mood and apologise before even installation.

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  1. Will you press the button?

will you press the button

Interested in facing difficult dilemmas? No…yes…no…yes… I am sorry, I was having a dilemma.

Well, if you remember The Matrix’s Red and Blue pill, a classic scene of the decision. Trust me, that dilemma was cute in compare to the dilemma of installing this app.

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The app is very simple; you are presented with a red button. If you press the button two things are going to happen- one good and the other bad. Will you press the button? May the lord have mercy on your soul…

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  1. Donal Trump Soundboard

donald trump soundboard

I think none of us needs an intro about Mr Donald Trump but I bet you didn’t know about the Donald Trump soundboard app. It contains more than 300 of Donald Trump’s popular phrases. Yeah seriously…

Disclaimer: We can’t make fun of President of Russia, that’s transgressional in our protocol.

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  1. Mouse run in phone Prank

Mouse Run in phone prank

Wanna prank you friend? Then play hide and seek with them, or maybe add salt in their coffee. That’s disgusting, don’t do that.

Well, the point is whatever you do, it would be far better than what this app does. This application will make a mouse run on your phone screen, no matter if you are listening to music, playing games or surfing the web. Let’s hope that your friend throws his/her phone when he sees mouse all over the screen. Finger cross*

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  1. Shake Me

Shake Me

Shake me app is a sort of gaming app. Short of; okay.

The exciting things about games are that they are fun to play, not this. I mean there is a fine line between a goofy game and a sordid game; the app just crossed every inch of it. Like right now.

In case if you’re wondering what it does, the app plays a gif with repeating sound clip in the background.

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  1. The fear


In love with horror stories? Then watch it, don’t scare people with some eerie app.

So far, the app features deeply affecting horror story with high graphics, creating a fearful and overwrought atmosphere. Schizophrenic love these kinds of app.

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  1. Yo

yo android app

The name of the app reminds me a fun game, that I used to play with my friends and it’s called “YO”. That’s it.

Imagine, if you were shy and introvert, you never talked to any person, your social life is at stake and you are worried how to start a conversation, then trust me, you don’t need this app, you need a counselling session.

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So far, the app is just another message sending alternative with not so good UI and a classic phrase “YO”.

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  1. Demotivators


Yeah, it is true that nothing can beat memes but the Demotivator app can. The app has images that will not motivate you but either is full with demotivation quotes and images.

A million reason to uninstall this app and I just found one. Holy! the app really works.

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  1. Scary Ghost in photo

10 Most Ridiculous Android Apps That you will be Amaze to SEE 2

 Finally, an app that is going to haunt your life till the end. Yeah! This awkward app lets you add ghost in the background of your photo, so it looks like there is a ghost in the photographs. Sounds fun but honestly, it’s creepy.

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Not going to suggest you download anyone of these, but I personally like “I am rich” app. It gives me the satisfaction that I am rich at some level. Woh…!

Hope you had amusing time reading this article because we had a lot of fun while writing it. If you want to see more of this stuff, then subscribe to our website. Also feel free to drop your suggestion in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: The content written in this article does not intend to hurt or tarnish any one’s repute. It’s completely Sarcastic. Readers are requested to take it as a satire.

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