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Multiple WhatsApp Accounts Are Now Available For Android Users: Instructions For Turning On The Feature

While WhatsApp allows users to access their accounts from several devices, each account is tied to a single device. Users must exit their main account on the same device before they may access an additional account associated with a different phone number. This will soon change. On Thursday, the Meta-owned instant messenger said that it will enable Android users to simultaneously utilize two WhatsApp accounts. Users of WhatsApp don’t have to log out of each account in order to move between them.

According to a blog post, users would require a second phone number and SIM card, or a device that supports multi-SIM or eSIM, in order to create two accounts. Next, they’ll need to go to app settings, hit the arrow next to their name, and choose “Add account.” A second WhatsApp account may be created using the user’s secondary phone number.

It’s also important to note that each user account has its own privacy and notification settings. You may choose to disable alerts on one account while enabling them on another, such as your personal and professional accounts. All communications between the two accounts will, of course, be encrypted all the way through.

With WhatsApp’s multi-account capability, users wouldn’t have to lug around two devices just to keep in touch with their professional and personal lives. On its blog, WhatsApp urged users to avoid downloading fake versions of the app and stick with the real version available from the Google Play Store. The availability of the functionality on iOS devices has not been verified by the corporation.

This week has been a busy one for WhatsApp, as the company released a number of upgrades and new features for its user base. A ‘view once’ mode choice for voice messages, similar to the one already available for sending photographs and videos, has reportedly being tested inside the app as of late.

The app’s passkey functionality for Android devices was released earlier this week. With this new security measure, WhatsApp for Android users may be accessed safely with either fingerprint or PIN verification.

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Yash Sharma
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