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Control Gadgets Like IronMan with Myo Gesture Control ArmBand

Ever wanted to control the devices around you like a wizard or more appropriately ‘Iron Man’? If your answer is yes and you’re as excited as I am while writing this, then I promise you’re in for a hell of a news today.

Buy from Amazon.com or from Amazon.in

Myo Gesture Control ArmBand, by Thalmic Labs, is the Magic Wand we have all been waiting for. The device works on the technology that reads the electrical activity of the muscle and movement of the forearm. That lets the wearer control the devices around them via a variety of hand gestures and motions.

How does Myo Gesture Control ArmBand work?

With currently over 100 applications in Myo Market, the Myo armband gives you control on technology from a distance. From games to IoT devices, presentations and media. Using Keyboard Mapper user can bring their favorite applications to life by mapping gestures to the keyboard for customized control.

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For our geek buddies out there, Thalmic lab is providing supported sdks for all major platform. One can tinker their way all around it. The general package includes the Band itself, a standard micro-USB cable, a Bluetooth adapter for connecting it to your Mac’s and Windows Pc’s and a Myo Sizing clip.


  • Supports Windows 7 and upper version.
  • Supports OS X 10.9 and above
  • Supports iPad 3rd generation and above, iPhone 5th generation and above.
  • Supports Android 4.3 and above.

Do I really need it?

Myo: A Gesture Control ArmBandThe use cases of the ArmBand are just limited to one’s imagination. The most general of them could be Official presentation purposes, Controlling the computer from a distance and even playing video games or flying a drone etc. So, if you’re into a fun tech ride with your tech item, then go for it.

PS: if someone does build an Iron Man Like control system, do feel free to hook us up in the comment section.


The Myo Gesture Control ArmBand can be purchased via Amazon.com for as little as $199.99 USD. Although, you will have to pay some extra bucks for shipping but come on guys, who doesn’t want to be Iron Man for less than 300 bucks.

Buy from Amazon.com or from Amazon.in

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Pulkit Goel
Pulkit Goel
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