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Ritot Projection watch

All of us are aware of holographic projectors that turn any smartphone into a 3D hologram projector in just a few minutes. And thanks to technology you all are also aware of wrist watches that are used for knowing the time. But what about a smartwatch that can be a projector and a watch at the same time? Yes, you heard it right, RITOT is the first projection watch; an original timepiece.

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Ritot is the first watch that not only tells you the time but as it is synced with your smartphone it tells you about incoming caller ID, text messages, reminder, meetings, e-mails, calendar alerts, FB messages, Twitter, weather alerts and notification for any other apps. Wow!

How do ritot works?

The device comes along with matching RITOT APP. You can change colours and type of your notification through this app i.e. you can set a notification in the app. The watch has an inbuilt lock, touch button and Pico projector. The Pico projector allows projecting a dial with high-quality graphics and brightness.


  • You can change the projection colour in just one click according to your choice. In total there are more than 20 colours available.
  • The special projection technology allows users to use RITOT both at day and night.
  • RITOT is a waterproof watch.
  • 24 or 12 hours display mode.
  • The view of projection changes as soon as you switch the watch from your left hand to your right hand.
  • You can charge your watch with a specially developed base that comes with the watch.

Why should one go for a Ritot smartwatch?

Ritot Projection watch

If you are bored of wearing the traditional watches and you are fond of technology, then this watch is best for you. The device will be more than a watch for you, giving you every detail that your smartphone is supposed to give but using a smartphone every time. While driving can be of risk to use the smartphone but using the wrist watch that just projects every detail on your hand’s skin is far better.


The product is available on the official site of indigogo. The price of one Ritot smartwatch is of $199  USD and two Ritot smartwatches will cost $390 USD. It will probably be shipped later this year. Grab it now to avail the special discount.

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