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nano sanitizer spray machine Nano Sanitizer Machine

Today,, an emerging e-commerce website has launched a new Nano Sanitizer Spray Machine in India that aims to help people in staying safe in this Covid-19 pandemic. This spray can efficiently and effectively wipe out bacteria and viruses from any surface.

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As we all know with the increase in the number of cases of people being affected by Covid-19, it is essential to take ownership of one’s own safety. Vaccines are still under the process of testing and it may even take time for the vaccines to be available for the general public.

Nano Mist Sanitizer Spray Machine can be used to sanitize daily use items, such as Key, Money, Wallet, Bottles, Doorknobs, Remote, and even smartphones. It is a portable device that has a plastic body and comes with a 30ml tank.

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You can store any liquid sanitizer of your choice in the container. It is easy to carry around and the word nano simply implies that you can take this Nano Sanitizer Spray Machine in your pocket. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the accidental leakage, because, with Mist spray, you are assured of having a leakage-free sanitizing experience.

How to use Nano Sanitizer Spray Machine?

nano sanitizer spray machine

The Nano Sanitizer Spray Machine is powered by a 150mAh battery that can last up to 60-minutes. It takes around 1-2 hours of charging. The spray uses a little amount of liquid sanitizer. All you need to do is to open the tank by moving the head of the device. Put the sanitizing liquid of your choice inside the tank. Close the tank and press the button to activate the sprayer. You can now Dis-infect the object.

Nano Sanitizer Spray Machine Features

  1. You can sanitize your money, car, and another day to day products by using this Nano Mist Sanitizer Spray Machine.
  2. The capacity of the machine is 30ml
  3. You can charge the machine via USB cable.
  4. Ladies in the house can also use this machine for better facial cleaning. All they need to do is fill the tank with milk, water, and essential oil with a mixture of some portion of water.
  5. It is lightweight, portable, simple to use, and convenient device.

Nano Sanitizer Machine Price and Availability

The Nano Mist Sanitizer Spray Machine is available for purchase on for Rs. 349 with Free Shipping and currently, there are only available in India.

My Thoughts

Nano Sanitizer Machine
Nano Sanitizer Machine

In my opinion, everybody needs to have Nano Mist Sanitizer Spray Machine. Our safety is in our hands, and in the case of Covid-19, our hands need to be free from viruses and germs, and every object that we touch must be microbes free too.

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The cost of the device is very low. It is portable and hence can be used anywhere and everywhere. Even if you are travelling, you can keep this device with you. Also if you run out of sanitizer, you can fill the tank with liquid soap and can have your very own sanitizer spray. It is a time investment.

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