Neova – A Unique Connected Ring For Musicians

Neova - A Unique Connected Ring For Musicians

Taking creativity to one step ahead, Neova a MIDI controller ring is created for musicians. It identifies hand gestures and interprets each movement into expression. This device works as an accessory for musicians that would enhance an instrument rather than replace it. Neova is composed of two elements, a ring used to capture movements and a hub that connects to your computer via USB.

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How do Neova works?

You just have to put the ring on your index finger of your right hand. Neova recognizes hand gestures. Recognized gestures can include hand wobbles, tilts to the side and forward, a rolling motion and a hand wave. After that connect the hub to your computer.

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The movements are sent to a computer-connected hub, via USB, and each one can be mapped to different effects. You can even raise or lower the sensitivity to get the most out of the device. This ring works with every DAW be it logic pro or Pro Tools. NOW, play amazing sound with Plume by navigating between the different presets to find the sound that fits your inspiration.

Tell me more about it:

  1. The ring contains nine different sensors and is able to follow your movements while you perform.
  2. Neova is a MIDI controller; it is compatible with almost every digital instrument.
  3. Neova creates its own proprietary wireless protocol that’s optimised for ultra-low latency (2ms).
  4. You can create your own configuration, load that configuration into your hub and then you can perform with unparalleled expressivity.

What is the need of Neova?

Neova - A Unique Connected Ring For Musicians

Unlike other MIDI controllers that we have seen over the past few years, Neova is slightly different as it is designed to complement rather than replace your existing devices. With it, You can enhance the quality of your music without replacing your devices.


The product is available on the The price of Neova is just 210 USD. Grab it now to avail the special discount.

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