New Vu 98 Masterpiece TV Launched in India

New Vu 98 Masterpiece TV Launched in India

The Vu 98 Masterpiece TV is from Vu Televisions, India’s most rapidly expanding manufacturer of large-screen televisions. Now, viewers don’t even have to leave the house to enjoy their favourite over-the-top (OTT) shows, sports, serials, or news broadcasts. It retails for INR 6,000,00 and is available for purchase alone via Amazon.

We are thrilled to introduce the Vu 98 Masterpiece TV, a product that exemplifies both superior craftsmanship and cutting-edge design. In 2012, Vu introduced the first 84-inch TV to the market, and in 2018, it introduced the world’s first 100-inch TV. Indian customers now have access to media from all around the globe, thanks to OTT services. According to Vu Founder and Chairperson Devita Saraf, “with the Vu 98 Masterpiece TV, Vu is bringing the cinema theatre to the home of the Indian consumer.”

“We at Amazon work tirelessly to provide customers with the widest choice of TVs in India, across screen sizes and features,” said Ranjit Babu, Amazon’s Director of Wireless and Home Entertainment, in response to the announcement. The debut of the ultra-large Vu masterpiece series strengthens our portfolio by giving those with deep pockets access to the finest televisions money can buy.

Vu 98 Masterpiece TV Jet experience

The Vu 98 Masterpiece TV takes design cues from private planes, with its 3000 Tensile Aerospace-grade aluminium construction. Because of its durability and good looks, the Vu 98 Masterpiece TV may be mounted on a wall, placed on a table, or even used as a room divider. The 1000 Nits of brightness on the TV’s big screen, together with its compatibility for Dolby Vision and HDR10+ content, provide an engrossing watching experience.

Enjoy your favourite OTT material in a cinema-like setting with to the Vu 98 Masterpiece TV’s built-in 204Watt DJ Subwoofer, which fills the room with rich, full bass. The TV also has Bluetooth, so you can connect additional speakers for a personalised sound experience.

Vu 98 Masterpiece TV Theatre Experience

The panels’ 120Hz Refresh Rate and 100% Anti-Glare make them suitable for use in environments with both natural and artificial light sources, since the latter are completely absorbed by the screens’ A+ grade black surface. There is no longer any need to build dedicated dark rooms for home cinemas.

Simple to Set Up and Operate

The Vu 98 Masterpiece TV may be mounted on the wall, set on a table, or even used as a divider between rooms. Its front and back designs are equally eye-catching, making it a versatile focal point for any room. The TV is designed with the user in mind, so its interface is intuitive and simple enough for people of all ages to use. There is no need to rearrange furniture, organise complicated wiring, or seek professional assistance to have your TV set up. 

About Vu 98 Masterpiece TV

Vu TVs is a world leader in the production and distribution of premium televisions, with a mission to transform the industry via ground-breaking design and support for its customers.  Vu TVs, which launched in 2006, is now a well-known brand all over the world. Vu TVs continue to evolve, with features like voice control, smart connection, and simple interfaces, in addition to 4K Ultra HD screens and Quantum Dot technology, so that viewers can effortlessly access and enjoy their preferred media.

To ensure that their products are both high-quality and ecologically responsible, Vu TVs uses eco-friendly materials and procedures to reduce their impact on the environment. Vu TV has received a lot of recognition throughout the years due to the company’s dedication to innovation, sustainability, and excellent customer service. Exhibit Magazine honoured Vu TVs with the “Luxury TV of the Year” award in 2022 for their exceptional Vu Masterpiece Glo QLED TV.

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