New WhatsApp Status Update : Hidden Features and Full Guide!

New WhatsApp Status Update

We all recently woke up to a changed WhatsApp format and the feeling so far has been bittersweet. Of late, much focus is being laid to the idea of the ephemeral status update with the photos and short videos hogging the limelight. The idea is futuristic and the implementation, sudden and uncannily similar to that of its rival company, Snapchat. The newest feature from the Facebook owning messaging service hasn’t just added a new tab for the status in the screen top menu but has also placed a camera right in the middle of stuff for you to use to update a contact, status or even a group. It’s a simple change to most but to some of us, it’s the kind of change we don’t appreciate when sudden. For those and everybody else, here’s all you need to know to deal with the post-surgery New WhatsApp Status Update system.

Where did my old text WhatsApp Status go?

The neglected, scrawny line that mostly read, ‘Hi there, I’m using WhatsApp’?  Yeah, that’s gone. Most people cannot see that no more and those of you, who still can, need to update the app and restart your device. Rumour brings news of the old status comeback as ‘taglines, twenty-four’ but that should take a while to surface.

How to set a photo or video as the new WhatsApp status?


There are quite a few ways of doing that –
Let’s take a look

Create a WhatsApp Status using the Status option:
1. Open up WhatsApp
2. Press Status
3. Tap on My Status and if you already happen to have one of those, tap the tiny circle with the + sign on the top right
4. Hold press for a video or light press the shutter for a picture/select from the camera roll at the bottom of the screen
5. Add your caption and press send
6. To view the update, just tap on it and press the menu on the right to forward and check how many contacts viewed the update. Press the eye icon to get their names.
Twenty-Four status and disappears in a day

Another WhatsApp Status Update Method:
1. Open up WhatsApp
2. Press the camera icon on the top left
3. Pick a picture from the camera roll or click/record
4. Add your caption and touch the green click to confirm
5. Update your status through My Status or send it to a contact. Forward status by tapping the send icon at the bottom right.
6. Go to the Status tab to view status and views

Something doesn’t seem right! How do I delete my WhatsApp status?

It’s one of those blunders, is it? Don’t worry about it! Delete it. If you are not happy with it then the world does not have to see it. Farewell, mishap status update and here’s how you do it.
1. Open WhatsApp
2. Go to your Status tab and scroll down to the one that you want gone
3. Check out the eye icon to get a sense of how many views it got
4. You will find yourself  a list of the people that viewed your status
5. Get to the Trash icon and tap Delete to confirm

You cannot yet delete multiple status updates at one go, so try to limit those mistakes, guys.

Edit privacy settings of WhatsApp status

Through this, you get to decide who gets to view your status and who doesn’t.
You can pick those who are allowed to see your status post and some who aren’t or just keep status update visible to all contacts.
Privacy settings:
1. Open up WhatsApp
2. Go to the Status bit and press the three dots menu on to Status privacy.
3. Or you could just tap on the menu button in the main chat screen and open Settings > Account > Privacy > Status
4. Three options rule this space – My Contacts (All Yours), My Contacts Except (exclude contacts here) and Only Share With (Contacts To Share With).

We will fill you up with more surprises as they come but for now, this is all there is on the Big New WhatsApp Status Update Change!

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  1. Great article Amrita I too notice a few new features that was present in the New Status update as well and did a similar article. Great write up my friend. I am loving the new Ststus feature is very similar to Snapchat and Instagram. You can tell a story with your status update.

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