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No.1 F1 Smartband Review: Better than Xiaomi Mi Band 2?

These days everyone is more towards fitness. They just want to be fit and want to know each and everything about their health. Due to this phase, every company is up with their new Fitness bands which will track your calories, heart rate, sleep and different other things. The only point which we need to now is how accurate are them and how they are going to be charged on your pocket. As of now I have tested many fitness bands, but most of them are prices really very high but why? It is so.

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Due to high prices, Xiaomi enters the market with their different Fitness band that is giving huge competition in the smartband market because of their pricing with accuracy in sensing. So, to give the competition in the market No.1 comes with their new product in the market with No. 1 F1 Smartband. So, today we are going to review No.1 F1 Smartband and see how it actually performs.

F1 Smartband Design & Build


When we come to the design part of No.1 Smartband F1, it has a widescreen at the front, and that’s all which is equipped with health tracking features. It looks more like a sports watch and also has a added feature of IP68 which makes it dust and water resistance. You can wear the band while washing your hands, shower, and even while swimming. The band also features a high quality silicon band which will fit your hand perfectly like a watch.


The No.1 Smartband F1 features a wide OLED display of 0.9 inches bigger than Mi Band 2 and also features a touch screen functionality. There is also a small button which works as a quick navigation button for sliding between different options. That small body also contains a small 230 mAh battery which will easily last you more than 60 days on full usage which is way better from xiaomi Mi Band 2 and one more thing if you are on Standby it will give you the battery back up of about 100 days.

The No.1 Smartband F1 also contains a heart rate sensor, which is used to measure your heart rate and pulse.

Internal Features

The No.1 Smartband F1 has quite impressive functionally, that too in budget. The band also works a watch as well as monitor your sleep. It stores all your information on your smartphone which you can also share with your friends on different social media sites.

Real-time number of footsteps can also be checked and analyzed that too accurately. Hardly any difference between Mi Band 2 and No.1 Smartband f1.

No.1 F1 Smartband Review: Better than Xiaomi Mi Band 2? 1

The smart-band has an application that is compatible with the iOS as well as with Android. It also contains SMS reminders, Sleep monitor, vibration notifications for calls and messages coming into your smartphone and different other notifications too.


One thing which i skipped to mention is that is also has a magnetic charging Pogo pins at the back which take about 1 hours to charge the whole band from to 100% via laptop USB Port. Those Pogo pics are quite strong at its magnetic power.

No.1 F1 Smartband Specifications:

  • Rectangular design.
  • 0.9-inch screen display.
  • OLED type display.
  • Plastic and Silicon casing.
  • 30-gram weight.
  • 7 days worth of saved fitness and health data.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 enabled.
  • Built-in polymer battery with 230mah capacity and a standby time of 100 days.
  • Charging Technology: A strong magnetic charging interface
  • IP68 waterproof body protection (Waterproof in up to 50 meters of water).
  • Pedometer sensor and a dynamic heart rate sensor.
  • Food-grade silicone watch strap (Environmental silicon strap).
  • Android and IOS mobile device compatibility.
  • Available in gentleman black, deep sea blue, and charm purple.
  • Device internal features include; exercise based calorie consumption, exercise step, report for movement mileage, sleep monitor, sedentary reminders, SMS reminder, call reminder, app news notification, remote smartphone camera control, app software upgrade.


So, overall as per my views No.1 F1 Smartband is a brilliant device, because of the budget and deliver what it promises. It is very accurate and works perfectly in water too. Rest, in this, i would recommend as of now no other brand is offering it. It is available on many e-commerce that too with free shipping.

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