Oneplus 5T: Whats new from Oneplus 5 ?


Oneplus is a well-known Chinese brand that continually creates incredible gadgets. The company is also referred to as a “flagship killer” since its premium goods consistently outperform those of other companies, and they do so at a very competitive price. With their brand and quality, they really took the market by storm when they first entered it with Oneplus One. Then, new smartphones are released each year: the Oneplus 2, Oneplus X, Oneplus 3, Oneplus 3T, and Oneplus 5. A few months after the release of their flagship model, the Oneplus 5t, they killed off their own flagship by launching another top end model of Oneplus 5 which is named as Oneplus 5t.


Oneplus 5t is available exclusively on in India with the pricing of Rs. 32,999 for 4GB and 64GB version and Rs. 37,999 for 6GB and 128GB verison.

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So, Starting with some major changes:

Physical Button Removed


So, finally Oneplus has removed there well known Physical Home button their latest flagship which is Oneplus 5t. They have moved the fastest fingerprint from front to back panel which is also properly aligned and can easily be accessed. Not like other device who just place fingerprint sensor at the back and you just can’t take your finger to the back that high easily. This is not enough in OnePlus 5, we also has an option to switch between the capacitive navigation buttons to on-screen navigation buttons because of highly customized Oxygen OS. With that Home button we also has the power to customize it.

Removed Telephoto Lens


Previously in Oneplus 5 they have added the feature of Dual lens where one lens is normal and other one was a telephoto lens. This time they have removed Telephoto lens and replaced it with normal lens of 16-megapixel with increased focal length to f.1.7 for better bokeh and better night shots. Now on Oneplus 5t they have given us digital zoom in camera application and no optical zoom. The device can also record a hi-res videos up to 4K resolution at 30fps and 120fps slow-mo videos in HD resolution.

Face Unlock


After iPhone X, every device is behind face unlock feature and want to add it in there device. So, when we come to android after Samsung, Oneplus 5t came up with world’s fastest face unlock feature in there device. According to them the device just analyse your face and unlock it in hardly nano seconds. It is just so fast. I have not tested it properly at the launch but take my works it was insanely fast. I don’t know how accurate it was but at the time of launch event it was working perfectly.

Bigger & Heavier

Previously OnePlus 5 came up with a 5.5-inch FHD 16:9 ratio display but with OnePlus 5T it comes up with a 6.01-inch FHD 18:9 display. With this big display company also trimmed up the large bezels from the device. When we notice the device properly OnePlus 5T is slightly wider and taller than that Oneplus 5. There is hardly any noticeable different in weight. OnePlus 5T weighing 162 grams and OnePlus 5 just weighs 153 grams.

Rest, everything is same. We will come up with any update once we get the unit if brand insist, no confirmation about it.

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