Optoma Launches 4K UHD LED Projector TV L1+ To Captivate Customers With Vivid Colors

Optoma Launches 4K UHD LED Projector TV L1+ To Captivate Customers With Vivid Colors

Optoma, the world’s top projector brand in the home entertainment and pro-AV markets, has announced the Ultra HD 4K resolution 4LED Projector TV L1 + in the Indian market, expanding its superior 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector TV portfolio. Enjoy the convenience of home entertainment projection in even the tiniest of areas with this sleek, elegant, and lightest projector, which can produce pictures up to 120 inches in size when positioned next to a wall. The advertised price of an L1+ projector is 2.80 million Indian rupees.

This cutting-edge projector TV is built with an Android TM TV dongle that has been officially recognized by both Google and Netflix. Customers may use the dongle to get access to the thousands of Google Play titles, including applications, music, games, news, and movies. This simple dongle plugs into your TV and gives you access to Netflix in 4K HDR.

By incorporating a fourth LED into the 3LED system, L1+ adopts the 4LED technology’s uniform illumination, heightened color saturation, and remarkable longevity of up to 30,000 hours (Eco mode). You can notice a lot more nuance and richness on this Projector TV since it can accept and show HDR10 and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) HDR content.

With a refresh rate of 24 frames per second, gamers may experience seamless movement and little ghosting. Maintaining interest requires a frequently updated display.

Because to its small size and low weight, the Projector TV L1+ distinguishes out from the competition. The most recent Optoma 4LED technology offers unrivaled color accuracy and brightness, matching or exceeding Rec. 709 standards 100% of the time.

Optoma continues its dedication to the environment by placing an emphasis on producing environmentally friendly goods. The chassis of the L1+ projector is small and lightweight, and it is made of 50% PCR recycled materials. Less packaging is required for items of smaller size, which aids logistics and reduces carbon emissions.

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