Philips Launches their New Range of Air Purifiers in India

Philips Launches their New Range of Air Purifiers in India 1

Clean and optimally humidified air at home is an important part of good health. With the Philips Air Purifiers, you can now keep the air in your home 99.9% dust, bacteria, and virus-free. Its multi-level filtration system, with ozone-free VitaShieldTM IPS technology, rids the indoor air of impurities as small as 0.02 microns, ensuring that your family breathes cleaner and healthier air, always. With Philips Air Purifiers –Breath the difference. Philips now introduces 2-in-1 Air purifier and humidifier series 3000 that features Advanced AeraSense sensing technology that helps you monitor air quality in real-time. The new range includes the 2-in-1 air purifier and humidifier – Mario (AC3821) worth Rs37, 995/-, MicroCube (AC5659) worth Rs 49,995/– and Puma DI (AC3259) worth Rs 39,995/

These new products, Philips 3000i, and 5000i series allow the families to take control of indoor air quality and help reduce the triggers that make worse a child’s allergy symptoms. Philips Air Purifier Series 3000 works with AeraSense, VitaShieldIPS, and NanoCloud technology. These technologies automatically purify and visualize your indoor air quality with the help of numerical feedback and a colour ring. Also, with the unique numerical index, corresponding colour ring, and the connected app, it is easy to track and control air quality at home. The app also notifies the slightest change in indoor air conditions. This 2 in 1 Air purifier and humidifier series from Philips consists of HEPA filters which can remove common allergens from the air hence making the air worth breathing. These purifiers also have an extra-sensitive allergen mode that boosts the fan speed even when it detects small increases of allergens in the air.

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Talking about the technologies used, the VitsShieldIPs removes ultrafine particle as small as 20 nanometres in size. VitsShieldIPs also removes the odours and VOCs. AeraSense provides an intelligent purification by automatically monitoring, immediately reacting, automatically purifying and giving a real-time feedback. Mario (AC3821) is a 2-in-1 device is built with NanoCloud humidification technology that not only cleans the air but also maintains optimum humidity in the room. It also offers a smart humidity sensor that enables the consumer to precisely manage the humidity level of the room and shuts off automatically to prevent over-humidification, hence, making indoor air healthy and comfortable to breathe. For More News and Updates Subscribe to our Website.

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