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Prowess Selling Skills partners Rural Relations to enable rural outreach for all Distribution Companies

Rural India, or Bharat, represents the country’s greatest potential market for consumer goods and services. Companies often shun this customer base because of the high costs associated with serving them. However, there is considerable untapped potential in this sector. Between 2014 and 2020, rural markets in India increased at over double the pace of urban ones, accounting for roughly 35% of the country’s total annual turnover of $5 trillion.

Prowess Selling Skills Pvt. Ltd. (PSSPL) and Rural Relations have formed a strategic alliance to assist companies in expanding their presence in rural areas and developing deeper relationships with local customers. PSSPL has formed a strategic partnership with Rural Relations to provide last-mile sales connection to consumer goods and service firms in India by using the latter’s enormous rural network of over 18,500+ villages across seven states in the nation. As a result, these businesses will be able to expand their reach into rural areas.

By the end of the next several years, we want to have connected 80,000 “hub” villages, each of which will affect 500,000 others throughout India.

Over the next two years, PSSPL and Rural Relations will spend close to 4,000 lacs to expand their rural reach to almost every section of rural India.

Sunil Davis Kolangaden, CEO of PSSPL, has remarked, “Rural communities are an important part of our country’s economy, and we believe they deserve access to quality consumer goods.” Together, we can close the gap between urban and rural regions and provide people in the former the same opportunities as those living in the latter, as stated in the partnership’s mission statement: “We hope to strengthen our network mobilization/infrastructure offering towards rural and deep rural penetration.”

“Rural Relations’ goal is to improve the quality of life in every rural community by increasing their access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. Pradeep Lokhande, the company’s founder, emphasised that the partnership with PSSPL will provide Rural Relations with a more organised platform, technological backing, and increased Efficiency.

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