Reason to BUY Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+


As we all know Samsung recently launched their new flagship in the market, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, which is a true Flagship of 2017. We have already covered the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Review you Must check that out.

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So, what makes Galaxy S8 and S8+ the true flagship. Here are some points which make it a flagship despite having so many small issues in it.

Reason to BUY Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Infinity Display

samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-techniblogic-websiteThe best thing and the primary focus of the phone are it infinity display. I just love the display. Even after having a 6.2-inches display in S8+ it seems to be like fitted in a 5.5-inch display device. Every corner of the screen is elegantly rounded as we see in LG G6. Still, I would say this is the best display I have seen after Xiaomi MI MIX. Mi MIX display is very delicate not like what we get on Samsung Galaxy S8 series with Gorilla Glass on top of it with Pixel Density of 529 ppi.


samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-front-display-techniblogicIn Indian variant, we get Exynos 8895, which is good enough to give competition to the global S8 processor Snapdragon 835. Still, i would say Snapdragon is little bit compare to Exynos one.

But, will Exynos 8895 also it gives really awesome and flawless performance. You can play any game you can use it even to play any PSP game using Emulator. I am not having a single complaint regarding the performance. This is time we also get better performance because of better software optimization which is done by Samsung in their new TouchWiz UI.


samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-camera-app-techniblogicThe camera which we get in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ is the same which we get in Galaxy S7 and S7 edge no changes are being made just the camera UI which we get in updated models is updated.

Still, we can compare the same with other high-end phone camera and S8, or S8+ is never going to disappoint you in any scenario. The best thing which I personally love on the camera is that we are getting Pro mode by default and secondly we can download additional modes for the camera from Samsung store. This feature as of now is not shown in any other Android device.

Built & Design

samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-back-glass-panel-techniblogicThe design and Built quality of S8 and S8+ are always on top. The added infinity display just don’t make your eyes to follow something else. We get the proper mix of glass and metal and inside it fits up to a beast with great performance. They have worked a lot on design part from the front, but personally, design at the back don’t catup any one’s eyes very easily.


samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-android-N-techniblogicWe get so many security features in S8 and S8+ that if in any case one thing won’t work you need to worry another security feature will work. We get:

  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • IRIS Scanner (Best one)
  • Face Recognition
  • Traditional panner and pin lock

DeX (desktop user experience)

One more which no one has covered as of now is that we also get a third party hardware from Samsung using which we can make our device use as a PC. We just need to place our device with that Dock, connect the dock to any screen via HDMI and you are ready to go for making all your presentations and other stuff.

Connect your mouse or keyboard via USB or Bluetooth and using your phone all the thing will look like we see in Remix OS a year back, and may still many others are using Remix OS.


Samsung-Galaxy-s8-bixby-techniblogicBixby is a new innovation done by Samsung. It seems to be looks like Google assistance, but there’s too many innovations on which Samsung team is working pretty hard. As of now Bixby is in beta phase and soon more and more innovation will added in it by Samsung.

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Still, Bixby vision, works quite well where if you don’t know here you are just open Bixby vision it will analyze the place and tell you the whole info he has about that place so that you never have to remember anything. Bixby is here for you to help in any case.

In the Mobile industry, this is the first mobile phone to have mobile HDR Premium logo approved. All we can tell you about it is that an HDR-ready screen makes colors more vibrant and sharp. Playing video and playing games is just great.

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So, these are some of the insane features which Samsung offers and makes it a flagship for 2017.

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