Reasons NOT To Buy The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+


So, previously we have already shared the Galaxy S8+ Review where we have explains all the points which need to be considered before buying this device. After using it, we also find some of the reason which may affect you after buying Samsung Galaxy S8+.

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So, here we have some of the reason which is considered as for why NOT to buy Galaxy s8+ even after it is a flagship device of 2017.

Reasons NOT To Buy The Samsung Galaxy S8+


Now, as it is a flagship of 2017 with infinity display, the price which is quoted by the brand Samsung is way too high. We have to pay 64,900INR for Samsung Galaxy S8+ and 57,900 for Galaxy S8 which is quite high when we consider the pricing for the same device in other countries which are way lower than this. Even after we are getting Exynos 8895 and not Snapdragon 835, we have to pay that additional price. But Why?


We have already considered it in the review that with 6.2-inch display it feels like using a device with 5.5-inch display. But the thing we noticed is that the device is quite long. While using it single handedly, we cannot access above notification bar and other corners. It is quite good for many of the users but bad for small hand users. They will find it very difficult to use in single handedly. Still Samsung has added single hand feature in Galaxy device which shrinks down the screen using which person with any hand size can access any corner of the device, which is a cool and handy feature.

Odd Screen Ratio

samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-display-techniblogicIn most of the other Android and even iOS devices we get aspect ration of 16:9 and it is kind of international standard according to which all the movies, videos games, applications are designed. But due to long display in Samsung Galaxy S8+, they have changed their ratio to 18.5:9 which is similar what we get in LG G6 but again Why?

When you watch videos and movies or pay any games, we get black bars on both the side of the phone which makes the device not to use its full screen for watching movies and even playing games. I try playing many HD games and every single games in set to the aspect ratio of 16:9 and not on 18.5:9.

Only few pre-installed applications which we get in Samsung Galaxy S8 and galaxy S8+ support that odd ratio size.


We get 3500 mAh Battery in Samsung Galaxy S8+ and 3000 mAh Battery in Samsung Galaxy S8 which seems to quite good because of well-optimized software which they have provided but still when we are on performance mode with QHD display on or even on FHD display setting with little bit high usage, like full-time VOLTE, little bit gaming, high on music time and lots of Social Media you will will need a power bank for sure.

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But if you are a normal user then it might be used for more a day very easily. the advantage we get with this battery is that we get the support of fast charging and different battery mode which enhance battery level experience.

Odd Fingerprint Sensor Placement

samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-back-camera-techniblogicWe all were expecting getting fingerprint sensor in the home button of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, but they have added the same again at the back panel beside camera modules which make it very difficult to use while single handedly, if you having small hands. One thing which we also noticed is that, most of the time fingers move on camera module as it feels almost same while using it. I will prefer you to use pattern lock or IRIS scanner as a better option for adding security to your device.

No IR Blaster

In all previous Samsung devices like S4, S5 we get IR blaster which is very handy hardware used in our day to day usage but as Samsung start getting new innovation in their system they have removed the hardware for IR Blaster. But Why? So.

Not getting an IR blaster in a 64,900 INR device, are you serious same like Apple is doing in there phones. There not even a single innovation which is made by Apple in their any of the device. Everything is same which Samsung has already using in their previously old devices.

No Dedicated SD Card Slot

samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-sim-tray-techniblogicAs these days we need more and more Data space because of so many features and capability of shooting UHD videos. But don’t know why brands are providing Hybrid SIM tray slots instead of dedicated Micro SD card Slot.

Earlier we have seen Dedicated Micro SD card slot in Samsung C9 pro which was a great USP for the device and not they have removed the same from there flagship device.

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No Stereo Speaker

samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-charging-port-techniblogicIn Samsung C9 Pro we get a great innovation from the brand as they are getting Dedicated Micro SD card slot with the made stereo speaker where the earpiece is working as secondary speaker. But in S8 and S8+ they have removed that functionality from their UI, and even after that they are only giving single speaker in that high-end flagship.

Very Slippery and Fingerprint Magnet

samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-back-side-techniblogicAs we all know the phone is made up of proper metal and glass all over. They have added Gorilla Glass 5 in the front for extra protection, but the back is also made up of glass which is very slippery in regular use. The back panel is also very fingerprint magnet, it doesn’t how may times you wipe out your fingerprint, each and every time you pick or use the device you get some new fingerprints at the back.

I will prefer you to use some skin or case to get better grip and no fingerprint every time we use Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

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Rest, even after all these negativity, I would say it is one of the best phones which is available in the market for the consumers. If one thing has some down side, we also get upside which is way better when we consider it will be downside.

So, here we have top reason why you should buy this device in 2017.

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