Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro Review: Best Phone with 6GB RAM?


So, as we all know Samsung is a leader in the smartphone market. As they are a big brand and they need to deal with so many questions and problems, sometimes from their competitors and sometimes from their in-houses issues; like at the time of Note 7.

So, to cope up with the market after the downfall, Samsung is coming up with something new and unique with Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro. So, not taking further due lets see what C9 Pro has to offer to their consumers and is it really worth to buy with that massive 6GB Ram.

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Build and Design


Starting with the built part of the phone, as always great quality and built which we get with Samsung C9 Pro. They have used their high quality material in such a way that even the phone is a phablet still it won’t feel heavy at all, it feels so light while using. They have added new triple line antenna at the back panel of the phone which also enhance the network quality. We also get aerodynamic side curves which feel good.

Galaxy C9 Pro is just 6.9 mm thick, and take my words it is really very slim, and that metallic back feels more premium than what xiaomi actually offers.

Starting with the design part of the phone, at the front starting with the top portion you get a 16-megapixel camera beside it a earpiece which also act as a secondary speaker while watching movies or playing games by giving stereo effect (new Innovation), beside it you get a LED Notification which can be set in custom color using a third party application.

Samsung-Galaxy-C9-Pro-techniblogic-front-cameraMoving down you get Samsung Branding, below that a huge  6″ FHD Display with the pixel density of  367 ppi.

Samsung-Galaxy-C9-Pro-techniblogic-home-buttonSliding down you get Back capacitive keys which do light up and between them houses a home button which also acts as a fingerprint sensor which proper metallic border all across the button. The Fingerprint on C9 Pro works quite well and I have no complaints about it, but it not as fast as we seen in Gionee A1 and Oneplus 3T.

Samsung-Galaxy-C9-Pro-charging-port-techniblogicComing to the down portion of the phone you get a 3.5mm Audio Jack beside that a USB C port which obviously supports fast charging and beside that you get a Primary MIC and a Primary Speaker. All the ports are precisely fit into the metal chassis and looks and feels quite premium.

Samsung-Galaxy-C9-Pro-top-side-techniblogicComing to the top portion of the phone you get a secondary noise cancellation MIC and nothing much over there.

Samsung-Galaxy-C9-Pro-volume-buttons-techniblogicTuring the phone to the left side, you get Volume rockers which work quite well and give tactile feel while you press them.

Samsung-Galaxy-C9-Pro-sim-tray-techniblogicTurning the phone to the right side you side you get a Power Lock key and beside that Dual Trays out of which top one is having a Support of MICROSD card that to up to 256GB and below that you can insert Dual Sim’s which means in C9 Pro you get Dedicated Tray for Dual sims as well as for Microsd card Expansion which is in fact great.

Samsung-Galaxy-C9-Pro-back-cameraTurning to the phone to the back side you get, triple layout antenna design, Below that a 16-megapixel primary camera with a Dual Tone LED flash.  Below that you get a Samsung branding and proper metal built and nothing much which we need to explain.



Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro comes with 6″ FHD Display and not a QHD display which we aspect with the device with a price of Rs. 36,900. The display comes with the pixel density of 367 ppi which is sharp, and colors are vibrant. Even the sunlight legibility is good on auto mode. The display feels quite smooth when used, touch response is perfect.

I Would say while playing games and watching movies, you gonna love the display. As Samsung always offers Super AMOLED Display and watching movies on that display make it love towards the phone. Viewing Angle is good and odd angle won’t affect you in any way.


Samsung-Galaxy-C9-Pro-techniblogicAs Samsung Cover the whole offline market as well as online market. They need to invest a lot in marketing which makes them increase the prices of their device. Samsung C9 Pro comes with Snapdragon 653 which is a pro, or we can say a better version of 652, as it is more likely to give the performance much like the 820 and 821. Also of 653 Samsung has added 6GB RAM with support if The Adreno 510 GPU is also clocked slightly higher here.

I have tried playing each and every game which a person can think to play with this large screen display. I have played implosion, GTA San Andreas, Bully, Nova 3, Batman that too at high quality and take my words I have not seen a single frame drop in the performance. The device do that heat up. I have played the game for more than 40 minutes, and the max temperature in a normal Delhi room temperature was about 47 Degree which was quite hot. I would recommend you to add a Silicon Case or some kind of case if you are a high intense gamer. Rest everything is fine.

The UI is smooth, multitasking is great with that massive 6GB ram, No slugginess or lag can be noticed in any way. Even after too much gaming, you can start doing multi-tasking. So, overall no complaints on Performance issues with Snapdragon 653 processor.


Samsung-Galaxy-C9-Pro-back-cameraOn Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro we get 16-megapixel camera which is supported with a dual tone LED flash. When we click images in the dark it comes out quite noisy, but taking images in day light came out quite well. Colors came out good, detailing is fine. The camera application is quite fast and focusing works perfectly.

The drawback which I got to know in C9 Pro camera is that it won’t support recording videos in 4K and that is not enough we cannot even record time lapse videos and no Slow motion video. We need to install other third party app if we want to make timelapse or want to record slow motion videos. After that also FHD video recording on C9 Pro is decent and I have made quite a few videos using C9 Pro Camera, which are already live on my channel.

On the front side, it will give also give a 16 Megapixel camera which also captures decent images, and with 16-megapixel camera, it will give you some good shots. But as we know it is not a camera-centric phone but more towards display and battery centric device.

So, Overall Galaxy C9 Pro camera can take some good photos under sunlight whereas lower light conditions, as in indoor lights are decent but not as great as we get in other budget-oriented phones.

Camera Samples


Samsung-Galaxy-C9-Pro-alwayson-screen-techniblogicComing to the software part, the phone runs on Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow) with Samsung’s own skin on top. Soon, they are going to launch OTA update for Android 7.0 on C9 Pro.

Smartphones new UI is very neat and plain, nothing very cheesy is here. You can launch dialer from the lock screen. They have changed the design of drop-down notification bar. We get different toggles over here which can also be edited manually if you want to do so.

Samsung-Galaxy-C9-Pro-front-buttonstechniblogicOne of the most used features is a one-handed mode which reduces the screen size by pressing the home key three times. We also get a one-handed input in the keyboard, multi windows option and many other.

Just fiddle around the UI and every time you are going to find something new in it just like MIUI. Samsung has worked a lot on their UI after their previous old Galaxy Devices.


Samsung-Galaxy-C9-Pro-techniblogic-Back-bodySamsung Galaxy C9 is powered by 4000mAh battery, and I would say C9 Pro is one of the best performing smartphones when we consider it for battery life. The Phone will last you about 2 days on your normal use which includes full-time Volte enabled on JIO, 20 minutes gaming, watching a movie on JIO Cinema, Normal calling, WhatsApp and using maps for few minutes. So, overall battery performs quite well, and you can even switch to ultra power saving mode which will drastically increase battery life on long usage.

It also supports fast charging, and charge the phone from 0-100% in about 1 hour which seems to be quite fast.


So, the final verdict as per my views will be the device is good for its build, display, and battery. If you want a large screen device to enjoy gaming, reading, movies with great performance and great battery with brand value and Dedicated Dual Sim support with expansion, then this one is for you.

The battery life performance is good, there are no noticeable flaws in performance.


  • Great Built
  • Great Battery
  • Dedicated Slots for MicroSD Card and Dual Sim
  • Display and touch is quite good
  • Massive 6GB Ram for Multitasking


  • Sound quality is low
  • Heat’s up quite easily

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