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Reliance Jio: What does it offer? All you need to Know about FREE Jio Plans

Reliance Jio has made an enormous news since its launch. The Jio sim-card are now out of stock on the market, and people are going crazy about it. I mean who would not get mad about, to have a free sim with the benefit of unlimited 4G internet. There is a war going out there between a telecom company, and some of them are reducing their data plan rate.

Bharti Airtel has reduced their data plan rate up to 80%. Today Airtel announced to increase their internet speed up to 135 Mbps. Well if they do that, then Airtel would be the first telecom company to have a 4G speed of 135 Mbps. But judging by the cost cutting in the airtel data plan they are not quite affordable than Reliance Jio.

All you need to Know about FREE Jio Plans

Today, Jio revealed their tariff plan, which is ranged from 149 INR to 4999 INR. The plans specified as S/M/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL.

Key points:

  1. Free voice calls
  2. Zero roaming charges
  3. 45 plans at 50 INR per GB
  4. Students will get 25% more data
  5. Free data services for the first four months after the launch
  6. 10 tariff plans starting at 19 INR a day for occasional users
  7. 149 INR a month for light users, 4999 INR a month for heavy data users
  8. To achieve 100 million customers in record time
  9. “Super-affordableā€¯ handsets under the LYF brand starting at 2999 INR.
  10. formally launched on September 5
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Kamlesh Ranjan
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