Samsung Partners With YogiFi to Offer Interactive Yoga Sessions on Smart TVs

Samsung Partners With YogiFi to Offer Interactive Yoga Sessions on Smart TVs

In order to provide an interactive yoga experience on its line of smart TVs, Samsung has partnered with health-tech company Wellnesys Technologies’ YogiFi. Through this collaboration, YogiFi will be able to combine the first artificial intelligence-enabled yoga mat with its Smart TVs. Incorrect yoga positions may be identified by the mat’s sensors, which will then alert the practitioner. Users of the YogiFi app on Samsung smart TVs will also be able to keep tabs on their viewing habits in this way. The yoga mat with artificial intelligence may be synced with any 2023 Samsung smart TV.

In a recent blog post, Samsung revealed that it will be working with YogiFi to bring interactive Yoga to its Smart TVs by way of an AI-enabled yoga mat. The business claims that this will enable customers in using technology to enhance their yoga practise. The intelligent yoga mat can identify improper body alignment and alert practitioners. The YogiFi app, available for Samsung Smart TVs, also allows users to keep tabs on their workouts.

The YogiFi app features a variety of yoga-related resources, including introductory, intermediate, and advanced yoga programmes. Yoga lessons, individualised sessions, instantaneous feedback, and other yoga-related material will all be available to users of the Samsung Smart TV YogiFi app.

As of right now, the YogiFi yoga mat can be synced with any 2023 Samsung smart TV, including the Neo QLED 4K and 8K TV, OLED TV, and Crystal 4K UHD TV series. In the near future, support for legacy TV models will be added.

The Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV and 4K model were released last month. These smart TVs can display realistic 3D-like visuals thanks to their use of Quantum Matrix Technology and Neural Quantum Processors. To provide a well-rounded audio experience, they include technologies including Q Symphony 3.0, wireless Dolby Atmos, Object Tracking Sound Pro, and Adaptive Sound Pro. The IoT hub is included inside the TVs for enhanced compatibility with other smart devices.

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