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Sharp FP-FM40E Review : World’s First Air Purifier with Mosquito Trap

We have seen so many air purifiers in the market. Some are too costly and some are too cheap and wont work properly for the work for which they are meant. But till now what all air purifiers which have seen used are only work for air purification and don’t even look cool. They priced a lot but still don’t look like someone will be happy placing it in there room.


So, to over come with all research SHARP, a well known brand came up with their latest product in the market which looks cool also as well as will give you mode additional features when we compare it with a normal air purifier.

Now, Sharp launches world’s first Air Purifier which also has a in built Mosquito Trap in it. So how it actually work is that, they a small light which attract the mosquito towards it and when ever the mosquito go inside that went it just get stick in the glue pad which is fitted inside the air purifier. Just like what we see in cockroach traps. Within the package there are going to offer 3 additional gum pads which can be replaced as per our caring and need. Rest, you can anytime buy additional pads online with very affordable pricing.

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Now coming to the air purifier itself, it uses the normal HEPA filter, a other pre-filter with additional Sharp’s in house designed Plasma cluster technology. This whole combination works quite well to remove PM 2.5 particles, odours and VOCs in the air. You can easily control the air purifier with the use of small four buttons which are available on the top side. One thing which i noticed is that if we want to switch it off or want to change some setting we need to change by using that 4 buttons only no extra remote control or mobile control feature is available in it. There are a couple of indicators which will show you the dust levels and what Plasma cluster function is working for.

Apart from Air purifier it also has a feature named as haze mode which actually speed up the fan into high speed which quickly clear up the air. We can also switch UV light on and of which a will control the mosquito trap accordingly. In the dark night you might get little bit disturbed while using the UV light for mosquitoes. It depends on person to person and their different habits.


The only thing which i want to add is that there is no smart control feature like what we get in xiaomi air purifier and still cost a huge amount of money to the pocket. This useful stuff which i like is that mosquitoes catcher and haze mode. Rest, price need to be little bit down to get more and more customers grab it on easy way.

Rest we have mot even a single complaint renegading the quality which they have used.

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