Skyball Launch Audio Sensation-400 Party Box For True 40W Sound

Skyball Launch Audio Sensation-400 Party Box For True 40W Sound

The newest high-performance audio system from Skyball, a cutting-edge consumer electronics company specializing in home audio and smart accessories, has just been released in India. The Skyball-400 Party Box is the pinnacle of portable music power, thanks to its cutting-edge audio components, extensive networking choices, and unparalleled aesthetics.

The stylish speaker will get your home parties and weekend get-togethers rocking with its True 40W Super Bass sound. It uses a 360° Surround Stereo sound configuration amplified by Dynamic Boost Technology to provide a distortion-free audio signature. Superior drivers and a 3″x2″ tweeter provide sound for this compact speaker.

Mr. Vinay Kapoor, CEO and Co-founder, Skyball, commented on the launch, saying, “Our new Party speaker is a genuine portable entertainment center, precisely built to improve your on-the-go music-listening experience. With its Dynamic Boost technology and True 40W sound output, the 400 Party Box provides unrivaled bass performance and crystal clear voices. This compact music hub connects wirelessly and has a sleek modern style; it’s tailor-made for today’s music fans and comes at a ridiculously low price.

Skyball’s 400 Party Box was developed and produced in state-of-the-art factories right here in India, in keeping with the country’s ambitious “Make in India” program. This portable audio powerhouse is built to endure with an IPX5 splash-resistant body, thanks to its state-of-the-art design and premium materials. The speaker has a Dual Grip Handle and Belt operation support for maximum mobility, making it ideal for on-the-go listening.

With its built-in RGB Light and sturdy mesh enclosure, the Skyball-400 Party Box speaker can immediately convert any setting into a vibrant dance night, perfect for any celebration. All of the speaker’s controls are located on its top panel.

This speaker for parties has many inputs to make sure the music keeps playing, including USB, TF, Bluetooth 5.3, and AUX. In addition, the TWS Function allows you to synchronize two Skyball-400 Party Box speakers, double the excitement and enjoyment at your party.

The portable speaker can play music for up to 5 hours straight thanks to its hefty 4,500mAh battery. It can accommodate both wired and wireless mics, giving you more options for your karaoke sessions, and it is equipped with a Type-C charging connector to make charging a breeze. Included in the package is a wireless UHF mic with a display that has a range of up to 30 meters.

Skyball Price and Aviability

Skyball seeks to give clients with products that deliver great experiences at the most accessible price point, and it is a member of the premier OEM, Videomax International Pvt Ltd (VMI). The original suggested retail price for the feature-rich portable party speaker was $9,999, but the current offer price on Amazon and the official Skyball website is an amazing $4,999.

About Skyball

Skyball is a rapidly growing company that manufactures and sells a variety of home audio systems, smart accessories, and consumer goods. Videomax International Pvt. Ltd. was founded by a team with a 30-year track record in original equipment manufacturing.

Skyball’s mission is to give discriminating clients with goods that deliver great experiences at competitive prices, in line with the “Make In India” concept. Smarter goods that may improve the customer’s experience wherever, anytime are the brand’s primary priority when it comes to innovation. Skyball’s products are made to run smoothly and efficiently without ever losing power or performance, guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction. Skyball is set to become a market leader in the electronics sector because to the company’s unwavering dedication to producing high-quality products. Skyball is a company with the goal of providing its consumers with exceptional experiences at reasonable prices without sacrificing quality or innovation.

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