Smartwatch Revolution – KingWear KW88 With Android 5.1 For $76.99 [Coupon]

Smartwatch Revolution – KingWear KW88 With Android 5.1

Having a smartphone’s features on a watch is a great idea or as it is called Smartwatch. Smartwatches are great since it saves the work of taking out your phone again and again to check notifications or other purposes. Just take a look at your wristwatch and you’re fully aware of whatever is going on with your phone. Today we have a new smartwatch that is not just smart but also budget friendly. The Kingwear KW88 3G Smartwatch Phone. It is a phenomenal smartwatch due to its great features and low price using this Gearbest Coupon: Xmas504

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Kingwear KW88 3G Smartwatch runs on the 1.39GHz Quad-core processor. The chipset is provided by MediaTek MTK65680. RAM provided is 512MB and is decent for light performance. A 4GB ROM is provided to save files, videos, pictures, etc. Although, there is no slot for an external storage.You can use Gearbest Promo Code for getting extra Discount on this smartwatches.

Smartwatch Revolution – KingWear KW88 With Android 5.1Display wise the device has 1.39 inch round AMOLED screen. The screen type is capacitive. One amazing thing about KW88 is that it is wear-resistant. The device has a sapphire crystal glass mirror surface on its screen, which enables it to give a clear and vivid display even in the glare.

The wristband is made of rubber which is quite soothing for the skin. The band length is 9.4 × 13.5 cm whereas its width is 2.6 cm. A 2.0 MP camera supplied by Sony is also provided, which helps you to capture pictures and videos effectively. The device supports 3G WCDMA and WiFi connectivity options which ensures your communication with the outer world much easier. It also contains a slot for nano sim. KW88 runs on Android 5.1. So it supports all major features of an Android phone.

Smartwatch Revolution – KingWear KW88 With Android 5.1One major feature that you’ll surely love is that you can connect your Smartwatch with your smartphone using a third-party app called SinWear, which you can download from Google Play or iOS app store. Thus, you can check notifications without actually looking on the phone. SinWear can also be used to detect your smartphone or smartwatch in case you’ve misplaced it somewhere. Battery provided is of 400mAh. You can it at low price using this Gearbest Coupon: Xmas504

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Overall the device is good, and due to its cheap rates, you can surely put it under consideration if you’re planning to buy a Smartwatch. It is available in Rose Gold colour on at a flash sale price of $76.99 using Coupon.

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