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SONY High Speed SD Card are Out for HD Video Makers

So, finally its a good news for video makers. Sony India has launched its new high speed SD card for 4K video. The new high speed UX series is a class 10 SD card, which offers speed up to 94MB/s in reading and 70MB/s in writing.  The 256GB SD is compatible to record 4k video on the go. With the new data transferring speed the SD card is perfect for 4K video shoot for compatible comers.


The SD also features an Ultra-High Speed class 3 rating, which amplifies speed to improve the quality of the pictures and videos.  The SD card also features the Sony File Rescue software, which is the first in the world to support 3D movies and photos. The software also allows people to recover accidently removed pictures and videos.

The SD card is also packed with high protection with molded resin, which made the memory card extraordinarily durable, x-ray proof, water proof, shockproof and buoyant to temperatures.


Model MRP Availability
SF-G2UX2/T2 IN Rs. 11,500 Available
General Card Model Code SF-G2UX2
Memory Spec Memory Size 256GB
Usable Capacity (Approx.) 230.4 [GB] (247,390,116,096Byte)
Interface SD Interface UHS-I (SDR104)
SD Format SDXC
Operating Conditions Operating Current (Max) 400mA (Max)
Operating Temperature Requirements (Serial/ 4-bit parallel transfer) -25-+85°C (Non-condensing)
Speed Bus Interface UHS-I
Speed Class Class 10 (SD Speed Class)
Class 3 (UHS Speed Class)
Actual Speed Transfer Speed (Read): Up to 94MB/s
Write Speed: Up tp 70MB/s
Media/ Card Dimension (Approx. W x L x T) 24 x 32 x 2.1 mm
Weights (Approx.) 2 g
Individual Package Package Languages (Option) ENGLISH
Sub-Carton Individual Package Number 5
Dimensions (Approx. W x H x D) 143x96x35
Weights (Approx.) 0.091kg


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