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Spider-Man Could Be Leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony Pictures Responds


With great success comes great bargain. Where on one hand “Spiderman: Far From Home” is the highest-grossing film ever in Sony’s pictures history on the other hand news is spreading like the fire in the jungle that Marvel Studios may be stepping away from the cross-studio partnership. As per the reports by the Hollywood trade deadline, there was a disagreement over the profit-sharing structure. Spider-man might be leaving the MCU because of the financial disputes between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios’ parent company Disney.

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Disney wanted a higher share of the profit i.e. 50-50 co-finance deal rather than the current 5 percent revenue share. Sony simply refused the offer because it does not want to share its biggest film franchise. Both of these American companies were not able to reach to a conclusion regarding profit sharing and hence marvel studios President Kevin Feige won’t be involved with future Spider-Man productions. It simply means that the characters might stop crossing over between the two Marvel universes.

After all the failed agreements, late on Tuesday, Sony Pictures updated on Twitter that though they are disappointed that final settlement was not done with the Disney but Kevin Feige has a lot on his plate as the newly added Marvel properties do not allow time to work on IP that they do not own.

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Spider-man is one of the best-known characters in the MCU and Feigen would have continued working on making movies on this superhero only if Sony and Disney could have reached an argument.  For now, Sony has two Spider-man films in progress with Tom Holland set to repeating his title role.

Sony has received lots of blessings because of live-action Spider-Man movies since Spiderman 2 in 2004. Its only success was Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which won much acclaim and an Oscar.

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