Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional Review

Recovery of Deleted Files

Data is an essential part of our life that portraits a key role in today’s generation. You might get terrified if your favourite picture gets erased accidentally, or maybe your friend deleted that application project you were working on. Well, we all know that to store all this data we have devices like hard drive, memory card, pen drive and even SSD and they all work really adequate. So, what is the actual problem?

At an instant, all these storage devices are just technical device, they might work truly thriving but they are tech items and unlike any other device, these are also bound by some decree. A bad instruction and your file are gone. And at that point of instant, Data Recovery Software comes to the rescue. Now, there is plenty of Data Recovery Software that you can use, some are freeware, some are premium, and they all have their pros and cons. What we are going to talk about today is a very distinctive Data Recovery Solution from the professional Data Recovery team of Steller Pvt. Ltd.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional is a Professional utility tool for Data Recovery. The Software is professionally built and has a very smooth, friendly user interface. The options feature different types of file scanning, preview mode and much more. Let’s see some of the preliminary features in details.


Drive Recovery:

The Data Recovery tool supports a long range of file formats and unconventional errors, which basically means it can recover any file that you have deleted recently. Compare to usual Recovery Software, Stellar Data Recovery software can also recover file from Fat, NTF and exFAT drives.

Lost Partition Recovery:

One of the unique features of this software is the ability to find lost partition. Just click on the “Can’t find drive” menu, the software will scan your entire hard drive and make sure that your desired local drive is found.

Optical Media Recovery:

The Optical media tool gives the user a power to recover data from dented or unethical drives like CD, DVD etc. And it’s one of the best Data Recovery Software in to do that.

Email Recovery:

Email recovery is a premium feature, that enables the user to recover offline emails from popular email clients such as, MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Exchange Server and much more. To be honest, not many Data Recovery does that.

Raw Recovery:

One of the advanced features of this software is Raw Recovery. The feature lets you scan the drive based on the file’s unique signature, which helps a lot in recovering data from the corrupted storage medium.

Steps to Recover your data?

Stellar Recovery tool has a very approachable UI, that lets you recover anything in seconds. Just follow these steps and you’re good to go.

Step 1: Select ‘What to Recover’ from the Home Menu.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional Review 1

Step 2: Select the desired drive or Storage medium.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional Review 2

Step 3: Click on start “Scan”.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional Review 3

Step 4: Select your erased file from left side among File Type, Tree View and Deleted List menu options.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional Review 4

Step 5:  Select Destination to save the lost  Data:

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional Review 5


We have to say, in the race of Data Recovery tools, Stellar Data Recovery solution certainly beats most of them. The inbuilt advanced features are just exceptional; they will indeed give you a professional level of data recovery. One of the crucial themes a software should have is an enhanced and responsive user experience and from what we have seen; it has it. The UI is very friendly and still has some of the most advanced features for a Data Recovery Solution.

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