SunBank : World’s Smartest Solar Portable Charger


So, isn’t it too late to talk about clean energy or solar system tech? I don’t think so. Well, we have seen many solar products from different manufacturers. Like one of those feature phone that SAMSUNG built with a solar panel on the back. it didn’t do well in the market but it was certainly an innovative product, and innovative product is always welcome in the market.


Taking the innovation to next step a company named Happiana is going to launch a revolutionary product in the tech market, which is a solar power bank known as SUNBANK. The device is the world’s smartest portable charger powered with advanced solar cells, inbuilt with 6400 mAh Li-ion battery. You can also charge any device wirelessly or through USB cables.

How does it work?

So, as far as we know that every solar system set has a solar panel. In this device, solar panels are inbuilt with batteries and charging jack, such as USB type A. The device has attached magnets on the sides, so you can attach it any magnetic surface. It also has sticky pads so you can attach it to your bag pack or wall.


Attach the panel to your bag, connect the charging cable and leave to your office. The Sunbank will never disappoint you. It can be easily folded and carried everywhere.

Charging system:


The device has two charging system. Which is the manual charging via an electronic charger and the solar charging. So, if the weather is not nice, you can just plug in your SunBank and use it as a normal Power bank.

The packaging also comes with a wireless charging sticker, which can be used in almost any smartphone to charge wirelessly via the Sunbank. Or you can choose the old fashion way, which is via the USB. The device can charge two devices simultaneously.

Mobile app:

The Sunbank is also synced with the Happinan app. Which reminds you to charge the device and when it will be running low. The notification system will also remind you to take the device with you in case you have left it at your home. The app also monitors the activity of the Sunbank and tell you exactly, how much electricity you have generated so far. You can sign in and also challenge your friends in the game of clean energy.

Download app

The device is an innovative and spectacular device, with a motto of clean energy. Well, the device is now available in pre-order. Starting from 59$ to 85$.

You can also help them to raise their funding.


That’s was all for this guys, stay tuned.

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