Switching From Android To iOS? 5 Things You Must Know

Android to IOS

If you have been an Android user and made up your mind to switch to iOS, then relax my friend you haven’t committed a sin, in fact, you have taken a smart decision. But, if you have been an Android user for quite a while now to accumulate a healthy amount of apps, videos, contacts, games, understandably, you must be having lots of questions crossing through your minds about what you can bring to your new phone.

Well, fortunately, you can bring all of your data and content, with a few notable exceptions. So, without any further ado, allow me to discuss 5 things you should know while switching from Android to iOS.

Moving Contacts

Before you go ahead and make a switch to Android to iOS, it is imperative that all your contacts are already synced with your Google account. If you really want to ensure this, all you need to do is to go to the webpage of Google contacts and just log in with your Google account.

Once you have assured that all your contacts are rightly synced with your Google account, now you can go to iOS settings > Mail > Contacts, Calendars, and finally tap on Add Account. At this stage, you need to select Google and fill in the details of your account. When you are done, make sure you have enabled the toggles on both Contacts & Calendars, then finally tap Save to finish it off.

Moving Data

While you are setting up your iPhone to relocate all your messages, photos, calendars, bookmarks, you can use ‘Move to iOS’ app on Android, but ideally, it is not advisable. I used this app and I liked it but having said that it really missed out on some of the data which may create some issues if you totally depend on it.

However, moving to iOS app comprise of an attractive feature that recognises the apps on your Android device and further it installs their equivalents from App Store to your Apple iPhone.

Moving Music

I am assuming that you are a big music fan as well and transferring all your music from your Android to iOS is one thing you want to do it without a hitch. In the event your music is DRM-free, all you need is to add your music to iTunes and sync it with your brand new iPhone. If your music has DRM, you will be needing to install an app in order to authorise it.

Some DRM is not supported on iPhone, so if you have an abundance of DRM music, make sure you have checked it before making a switch. Also remember, Windows Media files are not played on iPhone, so make sure you have changed them to AAC and Mp3 formats and then try syncing them.

Moving Photos

After music, the second most important thing for most of the people is photos. I am sure, just like everybody, you also don’t want to lose all your beautiful memories just because you have switched your phones. This is where you need to sync your phone’s content to your computer.

If you have synced the photos from your Android phone to one of the photo management programs on your computer, it is much easier to move your photos to your iPhone. If you are a huge fan of Apple, then you must be having a Mac and if you have it then you can easily sync your photos to iPhoto and you are good to go.

Moving Apps

Here is the major difference between both of these operating systems – Android apps don’t work on iPhone and vice-versa. So, if you have any favorite app on your Android phone, be informed that you won’t be able to take it to your iPhone. Fortunately, most of the Android apps does have iPhone versions as well or replacements that perform the same tasks.

Even if you need iPhone versions of the apps, you can’t be sure that your app data may also come with them. If there is an app that requires you to create an account or otherwise store your data in the cloud, you will be able to download all your data on your iPhone, however some apps store all your data on your phone.

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