SYSKA LED launches Smart Lights that work with Amazon Alexa

SYSKA LED launches Smart Lights that work with Amazon Alexa

SYSKA is an India based company usually known for introducing light bulbs with high-tech features. Each of the LED lights has been launched to meet global standards and we hope will take the country and our world light years ahead. SYSKA LED lights to offer a wide range of international quality LED lighting solutions for varied applications providing effective and energy-efficient lighting in any environment. Stepping into the world of smart technologies, SYSKA LED sets in motion the new WiFi-enabled smart lights which are getting along with Amazon Alexa.

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SYSKA smart bulb works on voice commands. It connects to your Wi-Fi and lets you control every angle of your lighting from your smartphone or tablet. It can perform various operations just by giving mere instructions. It works well when synced with Echo Dot or Echo or Echo Plus and after that SYSKA Smart lights can easily respond to the voice commands given by the user. You can set up routines such as “Alexa, start my day” so that your one command can trigger multiple actions by Alexa from switching on your bedroom and bathroom lights to turning on your water heater.

SYSKA LED launches Smart Lights that work with Amazon Alexa
In the launch event, Executive Director of SYSKA Group, Mr Gurumukh Uttamchandani said, “We want our customers to experience the best smart lighting solutions that are not only energy efficient but also at par with the latest technology and innovation. We at SYSKA always focus on innovation in our products and with the launch of SYSKA smart lights new functionalities are constantly added to provide the best voice-controlled lighting experience to our customers like controlling lights with Amazon Alexa”.

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For better convenience and experience, users can download the SYSKA Smart Home app to control the lights. The App provides the option to choose any shade of light from a spectrum of 3 Million colours which is out-of-the-box creativity. You can also set alarms of switching on and switching off the lights to design your own pre-formatted lighting theme. SYSKA smart lights give you an array of options to set the mood of your home according to your wish and need. It has been solely manufactured with keeping in mind to provide its customers with a jaw-dropping attribute and an eye-popping decor.

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