The Final Question- Desktop Vs. Laptop

The Final Question- Desktop Vs. Laptop techniblogic

As many of you probably know, there is a full-scale internet war going on between users of consoles and users of PC. In the world of social media and digital marketing, there is also the issue of what is more used for internet browsing, computers or mobile devices. However, even though these new quarrels keep arising every day, the ages old and still unanswered question remains: what is better, desktop or laptop? Sure, like all previous attempt at this, we are most likely to once again remain without a definitive answer once more, but here are some facts and comparisons of these two devices that might shed at least some light on this.

Laptops Are More Practical

First of all, it goes without saying that laptops are far more practical than desktops. For starters, they are completely portable, which means that if you work from your computer, you can always have your office by your side. Also, if you feel like working on the balcony, in the coffee shop or in the park, there is nothing to stop you. Still, some dispute that with the astounding pace at which tablets advance (and with the additional keyboard for these devices) this is no longer a valid argument. Be as it may, there still remains the fact that laptops spend less power which is just another plus for their already impressive list of practical features.

Simple Repair

It is important to mention that there is a prejudice against buying a laptop because a lot of people believe that they are impossible to fix. What people fail to realize is that today it is as simple to buy laptop parts as it is to get any part of the desktop computer. As for the price, they are quite comparative and it all depends on the brand of the part you are buying as well as who you are buying it from. If you don’t have local dealership and order these parts online, the best way to save money here is to look for promotions and conveniences for the shipment.

What to Buy for Gaming?

One of the strongest arguments in favor of desktop users is that laptops are inferior when it comes to gaming. Today it is the year 2016 and laptops have gone a long way, but the question still remains of can they truly measure up to desktops. Speaking of things such as GPU, CPU, RAM and storage space, the desktop is a clear and undeniable winner. However, when considering the quality of the monitor, keyboard and sound (within the same price range) laptops are far ahead. Finally, when it comes to overall performance, even though laptops have come a long way, the desktop are still superior.



In the end, it all comes down to two things. First, one is what do you need a computer for and the second one is your personal preference. If you travel a lot and need to have all your files in one place and always at your side, then there is no question about it. Sure, tablets are also an option but the truth is that laptops are still more practical. On the other hand, if you are a passionate gamer and you are not the one to have LAN parties every week, then the desktop is more than clear choice. All in all, if the financial situation allows it, it would be for the best for you to have both desktop and laptop in your household.

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