The Intel Arc A580 GPU With Ray Tracing And Intel XeSS Support Is Now Available

The Intel Arc A580 GPU With Ray Tracing And Intel XeSS Support Is Now Available

New Intel Arc A580 desktop graphics card this week. The American semiconductor company claims that its new mid-range GPU is designed with creators and gamers in mind. With the new Intel Arc A580 GPU, players can enjoy their favorite games in glorious 1080p with maximum visual settings. The company has also revealed that it would support high frame rates in esports titles. Meanwhile, hardware accelerated ray tracing and Intel XeSS will be supported by the graphics card

The Intel Arc A580, which was first announced some months ago, is now available everywhere. It features 24 Xe cores and 24 ray tracing units, making it a powerful graphics card. The manufacturer claims a top frequency of 1700MHz and memory bandwidth of 512GB/s across its 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM.

Total board power (TBP) for the recently released Intel Arc 5-series graphics card for desktop PCs is 185W. It uses a GPU that is somewhat less powerful than the one found in Intel’s Arc A770 and A750 GPUs, which are much costlier. The Intel Arc A580’s product website boasts of its ability to provide smooth gameplay in popular games at 1080p. It provides 155 frames per second on Diablo IV and 119 on Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. According to Intel, the frame rates for Baldur’s Gate III and Cyberpunk 2077 (with XeSS and ray tracing) are 90 and 85, respectively.

The chipmaker is also promoting the Arc A580 GPU’s artificial intelligence features. Among them are jobs like executing Stable Diffusion, which need generative AI to be performed locally on the device. Intel’s XeSS AI-based picture upscaling solution, which uses the company’s Intel Xe Matrix Extensions (Intel XMX) AI technology, will also be supported.

The new Intel A580 graphics card will cost you a minimum of $179 (about Rs. 14,900), the firm says. Manufacturers like as ASRock, Gunnir, and Sparkle have released their midrange graphics cards, which may be purchased anywhere Intel’s Arc 750 and Arc A770 are sold.

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