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Top 10 Update in iOS 10

iOS 10 launched yesterday and let me tell you, it is the most beautiful upgrade in iOS till now. lots of people are wondering that what is new in it, and what short of feature they will see in the OS this coming fall. Mostly the new upgrade is all about the UI changes, and some update for the default applications, like iMessage, and the new emoji suggestion keyboard. So, here are top 10 feature of iOS 10.

1. Uninstalling Stock application

Now, I don’t really understand why apple is not talking about this feature but its something to be appreciated. The stock application that you don’t use, occupies lots of memory in the device and it is good to uninstall them. Why have an app which you don’t use? For an android user this may not seems a very major update because they already have it but it’s apple so it is.

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2. iMessage

I think the redefined iMessage application is the only thing that apple is proud of, honestly speaking apple has given a lots of effort in redesigning and implementing new feature in that boring text messaging app. So, yes they need to be appreciated for that, I know most of feature are not very new they have been previously introduced in the android but still. The new iMessage comes with these.

  1. Handwriting input: Yes, you can send a text message in your own handwriting. You might need the help of apple pencil for that because I don’t think writing directly form the fingertips will be very much comfortable.
  2. Message bubble: Now you can change the way your message appears to the receiver; it is just an animation effect which is very effective in terms of expressing your text.
  3. Celebration texts: Now things like ‘happy birthday’ and ‘congratulation’ will not just be a plain text with emoticons at the end but instead of there will be a proper animation for a second in the whole screen the moment the person reads that message.
  4. Invisible ink: The invisible ink is just a camouflage on the text message, it will take a few second to appear the actual text or photo. Basically it will hide the text with a cool animation; so surprise.
  5. Tapback: Just tap to send one of six quick responses which are more like a templet message, basically a quick reply.
  6. Touch in photos and videos: Now you can add an effective animation on the photo or video while sending it, more like snapchat.
  7. Stickers: The stickers are finally there, those who have used the facebook messenger app are very much familiar with the stickers, these are enlarged images which are very much equivalent to a bigger emoticon.
  8. Tap to replace emoji: This is a very cool feature in terms of texting. You can write message and the words which describe an emoji will be replace with the emoji itself by one tap. It will probably change the way we text. Voila, emojies are coming.

3. Lock Screen

The lock screen now has been updated. You can see the details of a particular notification, enlarge it by the 3D touch press. Now there is clear all notification button in the lock screen too. Swiping up from the lock screen still pulls up the Control Center, but now if you swipe from the right to the left you’ll open the music player. Swiping in from the right on the lock screen also opens the Camera app, which is a bit easier than swiping on the tiny camera icon in the corner of the iOS 9 lock screen. Swiping in from the left, meanwhile, pulls up your widgets screen.


The Rise to wake feature is not very new for a smartphone, we have already seen it in the moto x and other handsets but it’s apple.


4. Siri

Siri has now been open to the developers, that means you’ll be able to use Siri to send messages via third-party apps like Whatsapp which should prove extremely useful when behind the wheel, and can open app like Youtube or book cab from Uber. Perform voice search in other non-stock app.

5. Home

Home is the new hub for all the home-kit-enabled device. You can see all your device no matter which company makes it you’ll be able to manage the device from just one app, like controlling the lights and locking the door; as long as they support home; obviously.

6. Phone app

The new phone app is implemented with the VoIP API, that mean it support all the platform of voice calling layout. Basically apple has created a new calling layout which will get displayed when someone makes a call to you or vice versa. This layout will be a default layout so even if you use Whatsapp calling you’ll still see the same calling screen, I don’t know how you’ll differentiate between normal calling and VoIP calling but hey, its ok.

The phone app will also have a new voicemail transcription, which will basically convert your voice mail in text, pretty cool.

7. Apple pay

Apple pay has finally made its way to the web, so basically you can directly from the apple pay account to any merchant you want, which is secured with the touch ID a.k.a. fingerprint. So, you have to use your phone for any transaction little tricky.

8. Maps

The apple maps do not have a very much intruding feature; the android user have seen these feature in google maps. New proactive features let you see when you do things like when you usually leave for work or upcoming appointments and will provide you with the best route for that time. Which google now has. You can also search for locations like restaurants using the improved search tool, which google maps has.

Maps navigation feature now gets traffic on route, letting you plan ahead to see what traffic will be like and automatically get alternate routes based on traffic conditions. Which google maps has.

Apple Maps has also been opened to third-party developers. So you can book a restaurant with Open Table and get an Uber there from within Maps. Which google maps has. But hey it’s apple.

9. Photos

The new photos app is not so much new, obviously. You can now perform scene and object recognition, so you can search for things like dogs and the app will pull up photos showing those item. Which google photos has.

A new Memories tab organizes photos based on where you took them and with whom you took them, at the top of each entry there is an automatically created movie which is made from all of the photos and videos you took on your trip, which I think google photos has.

10. Apple music

I’m not sure whether call it an exciting update or not but hey, what they say something is better than nothing. With a new interface that looks far easier to navigate with big, bold text. The Now playing screen is much more attractive and less bland and now includes lyrics. Simple UI overhaul and etc. nothing major.

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