Top 5 Games for Android of April 2016

Top 5 Games for Android of April 2018

Games are the fundamentalist, and we all play it on a regular basis. So, let’s have a look at top 5 Games for Android of April 2016.

Dream Machine

Dream machine is an exemplary app when we talk about materialist design and paying. A very light game. You can manipulate fantastical machinery and solve the many mysterious optical illusions that lie in wait. Use all your ability to survive hazardous levels and fight epic boss battles. Guide your mechanical friend from an oppressive workplace and lead them to freedom. You can buy this app from playstore in not much than 77 INR.

“Dream Machine is Another Stunning Geometric Game” – Kotaku

What’s New

  • Improved game controls
  • Enhanced levels and game balancing

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Missiles - android game

Missiles is a very small arcade game, which is all about focus. You just need to dodge your plane from missiles and collect stars as points. A very simple but yet intruding game. This 50 MB of the game is worth installing.

What’s new

  • Two extra planes added

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Epic heroes war

This game has been recently selected in the editor’s choice list of play store. It is a real-time strategy game, online side-scrolled defense combines RPG. Build up a powerful army and slaughter enemy hordes in quests and battles with other players. This is one on one multiplayer game. You can create your own clan for a better experience.

What’s New

  • Add Costume
  • Add Indonesian, French, Thai
  • Add new heroes
  • Add new levels

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Cricket premier league

Cricket Premier League

India’s first original cricket game that shows just how possible it is to turn yourself into a cricket star. This is a very nice game in terms of multiplying and with lots of exciting new feature that make this game a worth playing shot. You can choose your own playing 11 and start your journey to becoming a cricketing legend by competing against real users. You can also compete with yours Friends & Family on the leaderboard.

What’s New

  • Connect to Facebook to earn extra tickets
  • Team and Over wise leaderboards

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Fast like fox

Fast like fox is an amazing game, with a very diverse playing style. Which are you don’t need to tap on the screen to play this game rather you need to keep tapping on the back of the phone. Which is simply amazing. With this amazing feature and its matristic design the game had been selected for the Editor’s choice list.

2016 Google Play Awards nominee in categories “Standout Indie” and “Most Innovative

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