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10 new Android game

When it comes to the gaming platform, mobile phones have slowly begun to rise up in the market. Due to the open source property, Android provides a variety of gaming applications which keeps the user occupied. But, since there are a variety of games available on Google Play Store, it becomes quite difficult for the user to find a good and decent one. Don’t worry, we are here to roll you up with the top 10 new Addictive Android Games.

New Addictive Android Games

 1.  Modern Strike Online

Love the classic counter-terrorist games? If yes, then this one is just for you. The game consists of modern graphics along with dynamic multiplayer battles. The gameplay consists of various modes, in which the user can choose as per his wish. The game allows the user to create his own maps and game rules. It uses mobile data efficiently when gaming online. You can Download this Game from here.

2. Need for Speed No Limits

 This game needs no introduction. This is the mobile version of the famous PC game Need for Speed powered by EA. If you’re one of those racing games fans, then you cannot find a better game than this one. Although the download size is 795 MB, its high graphics will give you a real-world racing experience. The game is marked under Editor’s Choice in Google Play Store which proves its prominence. You can Download this Game from here.

 3. Zombie Anarchy: Survival Game

 As the name suggests, this is action-strategy game produced by Gameloft. The game involves the users’ capability to survive in a Zombie Apocalypse. The game ensures high graphics and is quite addictive. The game is free but some game items can be purchased for money. You can Download this Game from here.


STELLAR FOX is a very creative and addictive line drawing puzzle game. Line drawing means you’ve to draw the path through which the baby STELLAR FOX will reach its destination. The feature which makes it more interesting is that there can be multiple correct solutions, therefore the user can come up with their own creative solutions to clear the level. Use of 2D graphics and fairy tale based format makes the game more attractive to the users. You can Download this Game from here.

5. Beat Racer

 This is a simple racing game which takes the user through the world of alluring beats. The game has got some stunning graphics along with easy controls. For the best experience of the game, use headphones with high volume. You can Download this Game from here.

6. Iron Blade: Medieval RPG

This is an action-RPG game in which the user plays the character of a young knight who has to fight for his kingdom and serve as a true hero. The graphics and are amazing and the storyline is impressive. Before installing, make sure you’ve a free storage of 2GB in your phone. You can Download this Game from here.

 7. Infinity Loop

  Infinity Loop is a mind boggling, addicting and fun game which keeps the user busy. The game is simple, all you’ve to do is to connect the lines or corners to make the perfect loop. The number of levels is infinite. This game is also available on Android Wear and Android Watches. You can Download this Game from here.

 8. Orbit – Playing with Gravity

The game contains black holes around which you’ve to launch planets in such a way, that they move in their stable orbits without falling. This is a well-crafted and easy to play, fun game. Orbit – Playing with Gravity is also the winner of Google Play Indie Games Festival 2016. You can Download this Game from here.

 9. Parallyzed

Parallyzed is a game of two sisters- Blue and Red. You’ve to control both of them simultaneously. At the start, the game is quite challenging to the brain but once you grasp the controls, it becomes fun and easy. This game checks your ability to multitask without getting distracted. You can Download this Game from here.

10. Sky Dancer

If you’re a fan of Temple Run or Subway Surfer, this will surely be in your wish list. Sky Dancer is a running game in which falling is just as important as running. The game is addicting and requires Android 4.0.3 or up. You can Download this Game from here.

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These were the top 10 new Addictive Android Games. We have included the best ones from each category ranging from action to puzzle based. Even if you’re not a gamer type, you’ll surely find some of the above worth playing. Do not forget to comment and subscribe.

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  1. Zombie Anarchy is very very addictive no doubt about it.
    And i must say all these games in your blog post are top in the line.

  2. awesome article, so far I only played Need for Speed, need to try the others, hope they run fine on my Zenfone Max!!

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