Transcend Solid-State Drive (SSD220S) Overview

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Transcend Inc. a one of the leading storage and computer peripherals manufacturer and finally entered there new solid state drive in India. The high performance solid state drive is built for power user and tech professionals. The Transcend SSD220S gives a spectacular performance, it delivers an unprecedented data transfer rate. As we know that the SSD’s are long lasting and they have a higher durability, with transcend you will get more reliable assurance for that.

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Transfer speed:

The SSD from Transcend, promise to give a 550MB/s of transfer speed that means you’ll never have get a boot lag or any sort of application lading error. With that much of speed your application will open in a second. The device features a DDR3 DRAM cache which promise an impeccable 4k video read and write performance which is up to 330MB/s. With the high-quality flash chips and SLC caching technology, the device gives an average speed of 550MB/s in reading and 450MB/s in writing.

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The device is packing different built-in technologies. Error correction code (ECC) is a feature that helps detect and correct transfer error. There is a device sleep (DevSleep) mode which reduces power consumption, like hibernation, auto wake-up. There is also a S.M.A.R.T. function that monitor the health condition of the drive.

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An advance SSD scope software is a free software which you can download and install to monitor the activity and health of your SSD, you can also upgrade the SSD framework for better initialization of the SSD.

So, if you’re waiting to buy a SSD this is the time to grab it.

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