Unlist Phone Number From Truecaller in Just 5 Minutes

Unlist Phone Number

Sometimes, you may wish to unlist phone number or contact details from Truecaller. Following Truecaller’s instructions to unlist phone number, we will now examine how to unlist phone number from Truecaller.

Before moving forward, you must be aware of the following: if the number is removed from the Truecaller database, it will no longer be searchable or visible to other users when you call. You should only unlist phone number if necessary because the free Truecaller phone number search feature aids users in rapidly determining who they are and helps them avoid spam calls.

Truecaller is the best caller ID software available for iOS and Android and the most widely used accurate number-searching service globally. Today, we will discuss the Truecaller Unlist Feature and how to unlist phone number from Truecaller.

Steps to Unlist Phone Number from Truecaller Website

Unlist Phone Number

The first step should be to deactivate the Truecaller account for the number you want to remove from the list. Assume the phone number you wish to have removed from the Truecaller list or deleted is already linked to your Truecaller account. You must deactivate it first. Take these measures to achieve this.

Step 1: On your phone, launch the Truecaller app.

Step 2: Select the menu from the upper left corner.

Step 3: From the list, select the settings option.

Step 4: Next, select the Privacy Center by clicking.

Step 5: Select the deactivate option from the newly displayed page. A new window for confirmation will now open. Press the “Yes” button. You will now have your Truecaller account deactivated.

You can go to the following step: the www.truecaller.com unlist page after the Truecaller account has been deactivated. Go to https://www.truecaller.com/unlisting to access the Truecaller.com website using your desktop or mobile browser.

There are two alternatives on the page. The first is to remove the number from the list, and the second is to change the name. Two buttons will be visible to you. I wish to unlist and change my name. Select “no” by clicking. To unlist is my desire.

In the past, after choosing the nation on the TrueCaller website, you only had to input the phone number or cell number in the designated field. However, as of now, the phone number and country code must be manually entered. Thus, remove the phone number from TrueCaller by following the + sign or 00 pattern, the country code, and the actual phone number.

To remove a US phone number from TrueCaller, such as 234 567 7890, you must enter +1234567890. This will remove the US phone number from the TrueCaller system. Similarly, if you unlist an Indian number, such as 9012345678, provide the number with the Indian country code as +919012345678. Here, the international formatted country codes for the United States and India are +1 and +91. As a result, in your situation, you must appropriately provide your country code.

To verify, click the “I am not a robot” option after entering the number. You will also see one question about feedback. From the options, you can choose the appropriate response. In the end, press the unlist button.

An OTP request confirmation window will now appear. Truecaller will send one OTP to your unlisted number using the recent modification. Proceed after entering the OTP. At last, another popup will appear with a message stating that TrueCaller will delete the number from the database in the following 24 hours.

It may take some time for a number to be removed from the search results. After a day, the number will likely be completely erased from the results, though it may still be accessible for a few hours.

Can I unlist phone number from the mobile app?

No, you must go to www.truecaller.com, the official Truecaller website, to unlist phone numbers. The True Caller website can be accessed by both a PC and a mobile device.


Therefore, you must cancel the Truecaller account using the Truecaller app on your mobile device to have the Truecaller phone details removed from your name. Next, you have to use the www.truecaller.com unlist page to remove the actual caller number from the list. Lastly, you can remove the Truecaller app from your smartphone. By following these instructions alone, you can delete the number from Truecaller and erase all of the account’s data.

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