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Unlock your Door in 3 Secure ways with Ultraloq UL1 Smart Lock πŸ”


Running back home because you realized that you forgot to lock your door? Or rushing back as your guests are waiting by your door and the door is locked. Or waiting for your wife or son to unlock the door as you forgot your key? I am sure this must have happened to everyone once in a while. It means that it is time for you to change your lock with a smarter one.

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You need Ultraloq Ul1. Using this smart gadget, you can open your door through fingerprint identity, key fob or smartphone Bluetooth proximity sensor. This versatile, affordable & user-friendly smart home security device allows three ways to access and the flexibility. It also gives features like access remotely to control who comes and goes in your home completely. Now you will always feel safe whether you are inside or outside of your house knowing that Ultraloq is protecting your home sweet home.

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Features of Ultraloq UL 1

  • Sleek design: UL1 is sleeker and smarter than the previous keyless entry system and packed with more technology. It can fit any door in size and style!
  • AutoBolt: Ultraloq AutoBolt provides you with heavy duty dual security through deadbolt and latch which is different than any other lock.
  • One touch access: Ultraloq gives you fingerprint lock for full security.
  • Bluetooth Proximity Detection: The Bluetooth compatibility allows you to ditch your keys for your smartphone. Simply shake your phone while in the connected range of 5m (16ft), and your door will unlock.
  • Quick Tap Entry: UL1 can be unlocked with a contactless keyfob. Once you present the key fob in the vicinity of the handle, the door will instantly unlock.
  • Android and iOS App: You can use the Application to access all logs about the visitors that at what time he/she accessed or how many times he/she used it, and how they gained access.
  • Dual Data Encryption: The communications between Bluetooth 4.0 and Ultraloq Ul1 are encrypted using bank-level 128-bit AES via an embedded hardware coprocessor and is protected by a dynamic key for dual security.
  • Ultraloq Bridge: The optional Ultraloq bridge can grant access to guests and visitors via an eKey for specific dates or periods of time.
  • Triple locking status: You can set your lock to one of the following settings:
  • Auto Relock: UL1 will automatically relock after every time the door is used.
  • All Privacy Lockout: In this feature, UL1 can only be unlocked by an administrator.
  • Open Passage: When you know that there will be people in and out of the house frequently, you can set this device for open passage.
  • One Year Battery Life: Ultraloq can be powered by four AA batteries with more than one-year battery life.
  • Smartphone Notifications: It can send notifications directly to your phone if someone opens your door.

Why should you buy it?

Ultraloq - Fingerprint, Fob & Bluetooth Smart Lock
Ultraloq – Fingerprint, Fob & Bluetooth Smart Lock

Ultraloq UL1 is much more than its compact look. It is one step ahead in creating a smart home. This smart lock is a must have for the safety of your home. Ultraloq UL1 is thoughtfully crafted with style and functionality in mind. While providing you with utmost security, this lock brings usability, simplicity and elegance together. It is versatile, affordable and very easy to install. I must say that this stylish device suits your life. You will never have worry about intruders or forgetting keys.

Pricing and Availability:

The product is available on site indiegogo.com for pre-order at an early bird price of 99$. It will probably be shipped by October’17. Grab it now to avail the special discount and keep your home safe.

Pre-order Link

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