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When you have a job to manage and family to take care of, it becomes quite tough to clean the entire house alone. You can either hire a maid but again, what can beat the advancement of technology? To help its fan, the Chinese technology has come up with intelligent robotic vacuum cleaners named VIOMI V3 laser smart robot vacuum system.

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Xiaomi VIOMI V3 Vacuum is a 2 in 1 sweeping mopping robot vacuum cleaner that comes with the benefits of scientific sweeping and healthy mopping. This machine scans the whole room with LDS lidar and can draw an accurate and complete map, with AI dynamic path algorithm to achieve an efficient cleaning mode. It comes with excellent features and smart specifications. Let us read them in detail.


Xiaomi VIOMI V3 Vacuum Features

Xiaomi VIOMI V3 Vacuum Cleaner

  1. 2600Pa, the Stronger Suction Capability

VIOMIV3 Robot Vacuum cleaner is capable of cleaning larger areas with stronger suction power. Hence, saving manual power and time of any individual.

  1. Virus Killer System

The machine is equipped with HEPA filter using silver-copper ion anti-toxic material that offers effective adsorption for killing any indoor microbes. The virus killer system acts as an air purifier as its sterilizing function makes the exhaust gas fresh and clean.

  1. Upgraded LDS (Laser Distance sensor)

This smart robotic vacuum cleaner is equipped with upgraded LDS mapping navigation that quickly helps in building a more stable and more accurate map. So that even in a complex area, the vacuum cleaner works at its best. The LDS feature is also responsible for where the robotic vacuum cleaner “sees” where it is going.

  1. AI Dynamic Path

The VIOMI V3 Robot Vacuum cleaner works on the principle of AI Dynamic Path and SLAM Algorithm to improve the cleaning efficiency by 30%.

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The AI Dynamic path algorithm is used to scan the uncleaned environment with the help of laser radar. With the help of algorithms, this robotic vacuum cleaner, cleans the nearest uncleaned place and then calculates the optimal path, and do not miss any corner.

  1. SLAM Algorithm

    VIOMI V3 robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with cortex-A7 4 core processor and SLAM Algorithm. This helps the machine to position quickly and efficiently and helps to draw the cleaning path more accurately.

  1. Large Water tank

Xiaomi VIOMI V3 Vacuum Cleaner
Xiaomi VIOMI V3 Vacuum Cleaner

It features 550ml large water tank and 550ml dust box to collect dirt, hair, etc.

  1. Battery Capacity

It is backed up by a battery capacity of 4900mAh that gives a battery life of 150 minutes, and in 150 minutes, the machine can clean 250-meter square areas.

  1. MEWP Micro precision water pump

The machine sports MEWP Micro Precision electric control water pump with the 3 levels of the water control system that helps to avoid the unfortunate experience of soaking floor or unclean mopping and water leakage.

  1. 3 Types of Sweeping and Mopping Mode

To meet different cleaning needs, the machine comes with 3 types of sweeping and mopping mode:

  1. Sweeping and moping mode: with 2 in 1 water tank
  2. Single sweeping mode – with 550ml dust box
  3. Single mopping mode- with 550ml water tank

VIOMI V3 Vacuum Price and Availability

Xiaomi VIOMI V3 Vacuum Cleaner
Xiaomi VIOMI V3 Vacuum Cleaner

It is available for purchase on Gearbest. The original price is $599.99 but currently, there is 17% off. So, you can purchase it for $499.99 for LIMITED TIME ONLY.


My Thoughts

The VIOMI V3 Robot Vacuum cleaner comes with a side brush and a rotating brush at the bottom to keep our carpet clean. It works perfectly with an application that allows users to fully personalize the robot. You can even set the ideal time when you want the cleaning to be done, and you can watch the images seen by the LDS sensor on your smartphone. This is an excellent product for people with busy lives and big houses.

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